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I need a replacement for an old General Controls B60 750mv

Customer Question

I need a replacement for an old General Controls B60 750mv gas valve:

I have considered the RobertShaw 710-513, but suspect its maximum BTU value
is inadequate.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  Mark Henley replied 5 years ago.

Mark Henley :

What was the BTU rating fo the gas valve ? Generally anything over 400 MBH or 400,000 BTU will need a commercial setup.

Customer : I can not tell, and have not found anything on the web about that valve.
Mark Henley :

Is the unit in your home ? Even the very old furnaces were only 50,000 BTU per burner.

Customer : The boiler is part of a hydronic system; 14 units, each about 700 sqft, old hot water radiators in each unit.
Customer : Sounds like I need to determine the Btu rating of either the old valve or old boiler.
Mark Henley :