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I have a RUUD deluxe drum 900 Plus (installed in 93 as a replacement

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I have a RUUD deluxe drum 900 Plus (installed in 93 as a replacement for an ultra high efficiency RUUD was recalled). Model # UGED-10ERAJS. The unit worked well but the fan would not turn off, continued blowing well past the point where the unit was sending any heat. A technitian from the Propane supplier disconnected the furnace from the gas line and told me the heat exchangers in this model had been recalled, but the recall had expired so I needed a whole new furnace.

I had no other problem with the furnace except the fan not turning off so I called the person who installed the furnace. He checked the heat exchanger and decided that it seemed fine; he thought it was the control board. Is the control board for this model separate from the control board? Are replacement parts still being made if the furnace was no longer honoring the lifetime warranty that supposedly came with it to replace the heat exchanger?

airheatman :

The model number you listed, UGED-10ERAJS, is that the furnace you currently have or that was replaced earlier? If that is the model of the one that was replaced due to recall. what is current model number on your 90 plus furnace.I will see what I can find out for you


This is the model that I have presently. I want to make a correction: Is the control for the fan on this model different from the control board?


When I heard that this model was also having problems and was having a recall...but one that had expired in around 2004 when the ten year period required for producing replacement parts (or so I was told by the 1st technician for the propane company) and they were no longer honoring the life time warranty. He told me they were only offering several hundred dollars towards a new replacement furnace (only Rheem/Ruud) products in place of the heat exchanger. Is this really the way a "reputable" company like Ruud/Rheem works?

The fan control is built into the IFC board.There is a replacement board available for that unit , but it requires the addition of a flame sensor kit if manufactured before 1994.The cost of the board is around 300.00 and flame sensor kit is around 70.00.As for your heat exchanger, it is still under warranty (lifetime to original owner and 20 years to subsequent owners from date of installation). If not available,Rheem/Ruud will give you a credit towards a new furnace if is determined by a Rheem or Ruud dealer to be defective.If you have been informed by propane company that it is defective,I suggest you have your heating contractor perform combustion and carbon monoxide tests to verify where it is truly defective or not.You could spend 350.00 to 400.00 on a new board and wake up dead one morning.With a unit of this age,I would lean towards replacing the furnace myself.Your contractor will probably charge you as much or more to dismantle the furnace and install he heat exchanger(if available) than you will pay for a new unit.I do recommend pursuing the warranty issue though,I can get you contact numbers if your dealer doesn't want to honor warranty

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I would be interested in phone numbers and ways to contact the company about the warranty.

This should be a good number.If not let me know .(501)646-4311.

If not try(NNN) NNN-NNNNHope this helps

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
May I contact you bif there is still a question as I proceed?

You can come back to this question if you need more information and I will do mt best to find an answer for your questions

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