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York air conditioner timer light blinks after working for an hour

Customer Question

my York air conditioner timer light would blink after working for an hour, after that no more cooling air coming out, when I off and on again it work again but after an hour it started to blink again. The air conditioner technician said have to change the PCB, is that true?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  Drcool replied 6 years ago.

Have you checked your remote control if you have accidentally set the timer off to turn off one hour after turning it on?

Seems like the problem because the timer LED is lighting up means that the unit has shut off via the timer.

Verify the remote if there is a timer setting on it. If you would not recognize it, try to remove the battery for about 5 minutes, return the battery, then just press the on and off switch and put it in cooling mode and observe if it did correct the problem.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

no it isn't the timer problem, when the timer blink the air-cond not shut off itself, there still had hot air blowing out from it.

Expert:  Drcool replied 6 years ago.
What do you mean, when the timer blinks, the unit switches from blowing cold air to blowing hot air?

Are you sure it is hot air? Not ambient air or room air?

Is the outdoor unit still running while the timer LED is blinking?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
actually it is room air, not cold air. The outside unit stop when the timer blink. but inside fan is still running.
Expert:  Drcool replied 6 years ago.

Try to count the number of blinks if there is a pause . If there is no pause, just a continuous blink, then it is not an error code but simply an indication that it is on timer mode that is why it turned off the compressor.

If really there is no setting on the remote regarding timer setting and the blinks are not error codes, then I can say you need a new pc board.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
it's a continuous blink, I've already do what you had taught me, to remove the battery from remote and fit in after 5 mins and on again, and I had off all the timer from remote control. I had exhange the pc board from another working air cond, same brand same type pc board, but still the same, the fault aircond still blinking, the other working well.
Expert:  Drcool replied 6 years ago.
Oh, I did not know that you had a board that you can swap and so now we know that the boards are fine.

Did you swap the sensors as well? You would have two sensors. One on the front of the evaporator coil and one inside a tube soldered to the evaporator coil. Try to swap the sensors as well and observe the unit again.

You could either have a bad sensor or could be a freezing evaporator coil.

If the sensors are swapped and it did not correct the problem, then I can say it could be a gas problem. The evaporator coil could be freezing after an hour running and this would trigger the alarm and it would use the timer LED to indicate that the evaporator is freezing.

See if you can locate the sensor in the evaporator coil and run the unit with the cover open and observe if the sensor location would freeze or would just start to frost.

Another thing to try is to set the thermostat to a medium coldness setting and observe the unit. if you are using centigrade then set it to 23C and observe if it would still stop working.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
yes there are 2 temperature sensors 1 at the room(outside) and the other insert deep at the cooper coil, i stil wandering if i can take out that sensor at the copper coil, can i just pull that sensor out from the copper without damage it? is the sensor same as the outside sensor? please advice me thanks.
Expert:  Drcool replied 6 years ago.

The sensors are different. The one inside the copper tube is held by a small stainless clip. You will need to pull the stainless clip first before the sensor would come out of the copper pipe easily.

Be careful pulling the other end of the wire, the one in the pc board, sometimes, the socket on the board comes off with the wire and you would need to re solder them it it happens.

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