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Matthew, HVAC Technician
Category: HVAC
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Experience:  14 years experience in the HVAC field of service, installation, Manual J & D calculations
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My goodman electric furnace will not turn off

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Hello, I have a goodman electric furnace. It will not turn off when the thermostat is satisfied. I had a technitian out and he suggested to replace the digitial control board. The part was ordered, and he came out and replaced it, but the problem still persists. He said it could be another bad board...what are we missing here?

Is the outdoor unit cutting off when the heat call is over it is just that the indoor air handler continues to blow heat?

JACUSTOMER-phfbhhnh- :

there is no outdoor unit...just the airhandler in the crawlspace

Matthew :

okay so the airhandler is the primary source of heat.

JACUSTOMER-phfbhhnh- :'s electric

no heat pump is attached
Matthew :

you have a bad sequencer.

JACUSTOMER-phfbhhnh- :

do they still use sequencers on new units? This unit was installed in 2007

Matthew :

If the poles on this sequencer stay closed when there is no 24v applied to the bottom it will leave the heat blowing none stop.

yeah it is part of the heat kit
HKR-10 or -5 is probably what you have
JACUSTOMER-phfbhhnh- :

the blower and the heat are on two different circuits...the blower is on a 30amp and the heat is on a 60amp

would that matter?
Matthew :


The blower power comes off this sequencer and also off the control board fan relay.

When there is a heat call the sequencer is energized and powers the blower

If there is a cool or fan "on" call the sequencer isn't energized and the G wire is and this powers the blower through the control board.

JACUSTOMER-phfbhhnh- :

the heat and the blower will both stay on ...the only way to turn off heat and blower it at the breaker

Matthew :

There is a sequencer in the unit looks just like this one I gave you a picture of. It is the problem. If you take a voltage reading at the bottom pole where the 24v comes in which is the white and brown thermostat wire and the blue common wire and there is no 24v there but the heat and blower are on then the sequencer is stuck in the closed position and powering everything all the time.

very common

JACUSTOMER-phfbhhnh- :

i had did some research before the tech came out and saw some people said something about sequencers. I asked the tech if this could be the problem and he said he didn't htink it had a sequencer...

i'm lost

Matthew :

you may have this type

JACUSTOMER-phfbhhnh- :

this what what he replaced

Matthew :

this is a VDC type sequencer looks different then a 24v

but still the same thing a relay/sequencer

he replaced that little black box?

JACUSTOMER-phfbhhnh- :

trying to paste the weblink to the board

Matthew :

There are different types of these goodman heat kits. Depending on the type will be the sequencer so if you could find me the HKR number on your heat kit that would help.

Potter & Brumfield Electric Heat Relay Used in (Amana Goodman Janitrol)
Full Size Image

This may be what the sequencer on your heat kit looks like

JACUSTOMER-phfbhhnh- :

There is the part he replaced:

Matthew :

That is the fan relay board

JACUSTOMER-phfbhhnh- : we spent a week waiting for a part that we probably didn't need. wonderful

Matthew :

There is a sequencer on the heat kit. The heat kit is an accessory part that doesn't come with the air handler it is field installed. mounted on this kit along with the limits and heat elements is one of the two types of heat sequencers I sent pictures of.

that board would only be the problem if the blower ran all the time without the heat on with it.

If the heat is on then it is the sequencer.

JACUSTOMER-phfbhhnh- :

ok....thank you for your help

Matthew :

no problem

JACUSTOMER-phfbhhnh- :

do you have any part numbers that it could possibly be?

Matthew :

B1256559 or B1370783

JACUSTOMER-phfbhhnh- :

thank you

Matthew :

Most of them are the B1256559 there aren't very many of the HKR-##C models out there that use the VDC relay the B1370783

Matthew and other HVAC Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Can I still run the heater with a bad sequencer until the part arrives? I have been turning the unit on and off at the circuit breaker to heat the house up.

yeah absolutely nothing wrong with that. You basically have no control over temperature just an on off furnace that you have to manually monitor.

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