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trouble with my furnace I have a Carrier gas fired model 58CVA070---1

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trouble with my furnace I have a Carrier gas fired model 58CVA070---1 / using Infinity Control / keypad shows system malfunction call technician. I have already shut power off and gas and then turned everything back on to watch and see why it went into fault. The problem is not upon start-up it goes into start-up normally with blower on hot plate heating and then gas fires with fan running. The problem is when it's shutting down and going back into a stand-by mode for temperature setting. The last faults are as follows:
12- Blower on after power up 4- events
13- limit lock-out
32-low pressure switch open
33- limit fault
under the last 10 events menu these are listed
13- limit lockout 9 events
33- limit fault 13 events
back on 03/14/10
32-low pressure switch open
that's all I can find about faults right now the system seems to on normally and goes through it's normal starting cycle but then after it runs once twice and maybe a third cycle it then goes into system malfunction and will not start again
hope you can help thank you my names Bob




These are related to low air flow. Either dirty filter, dirty indoor coil, blocked returns, blower malfunction etc...


The end result is not enough air is being moved through the furnace for heating or air conditioning.



BillyHvac and other HVAC Specialists are ready to help you

would like further clarification?


I can describe each code if you like.



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
no thanks, XXXXX XXXXX feel ripped off enough right now thank you I mean ca'mon you tell me blower malfunction etc..... (what the hell is that?) what the hell is etc.? being an expert should Know what code -12 blower on after power up means or are there a million senerios for the blower either it works or it doesn't???? let's just drop it the unit is brand new and it sucks.



If this is a new install I would consider the duct work is too small or incorrect installation. It is very do not have enough air flow.


You have received correct information, but this is also available to you on the blower door of the furnace.


I would normally go to extremes to help a customer, but your demeanor dictates that I will opt out. If you have frustrations I would take it up with the installing contractor instead of venting towards a source you asked for help.


I feel for your situation, but will not take part in an interaction with such attitude.


I wish you well and will opt out now.



Edited by Billy on 10/7/2010 at 5:42 PM EST

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