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Rick Mather
Rick Mather, HVAC Technician
Category: HVAC
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Experience:  35 years experience, HVAC
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Any idea why my York affinity 9.M series furnace wont ignite

Customer Question

Any idea why my York affinity 9.M series furnace won't ignite? It's really cold (I'm in Minneapolis and I'm a complete novice at this) From my internet research it seems the igniter won't ignite. I hear sounds coming from the furnace as if it's gearing up to blow warm air and then it dies. Thanks for any help.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  Rick Mather replied 6 years ago.
Chat Conversation Started
Rick Mather :

Sounds like the induced draft fan is turning on and it needs proof of flow for it to go to the next step. Clean the pressure switch leads which are little rbber hoses that run from switch to flue of furnace, be sure to clean the ports they attach too

JACUSTOMER-tfg0816x- :

Hi Rick, thanks for the quick response ... can you help me locate the pressure switch leads?

Rick Mather :

Here is what they look like

JACUSTOMER-tfg0816x- :

If it's the tiny switch on the side of the black circular case connected to the white PVC hose - I cleaned the leads as per your instructions. The problem remains :-(

JACUSTOMER-tfg0816x- :

The 2 flashing red lights indicate it is indeed a pressure switch problem.

JACUSTOMER-tfg0816x- :

The question is: did I clean the right leads?

Rick Mather : Clean horses
JACUSTOMER-tfg0816x- :

I have no 'horses' around my furnace :) but I did clean the hoses. I took them out, blew air into them and put them back. Still not working.

Rick Mather : Well the ports the hoses connect to get logged
JACUSTOMER-tfg0816x- :

3 red lights - stuck open pressure switch. What should I do?

JACUSTOMER-tfg0816x- :

I've cleaned all hoses and ports.

Rick Mather :

The rubber hoes if not clean will not senses air flow check again if hoses are free of any debris and the barbed ports also , then you can lightly blow and suck the hose and listen for slight clicking

JACUSTOMER-tfg0816x- :

Didn't work so I've made an appointment with a local HVAC technician.

Rick Mather : Smart move

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