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My blower motor doesnt start(it just hums) or it starts and

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My blower motor doesn't start(it just hums) or it starts and then turns off after a time. I replaced the capacitor with one of the same value and the problem got worse not better ... (louder and longer humming when trying to start) When I spin the blower by hand it spins freely and smoothly and doesn't make any noise. Removing the blower with the motor looks like a real hot dirty pain in the butt job. How can I be sure it's the blower motor that is bad and not the little black box that controls the two speeds that's mounted on the control board?

If changing cap did not help it is motor. The black box is a fan relay and it works or it does not. If fan runs and quits it is motor. Russ

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Ok thanks, XXXXX XXXXX't want to waste my time taking out the blower if it isn't the problem ... It looks like the blower/fan housing comes out as a unit from the side. It looks like there is two screws holding it in place and that it slides out. Is this correct. If it is ... when I replace it is there any other parts I will need ie gaskets etc.?
Good man. No gaskets. Assembly slides out. A nut hold blower wheel on. Just loosen and sand shaft. A little WD 40 will help. Three screws holds bracket. The shaft should slide right out. If not turn housing to where motor hangs loose underneath and turn the shaft inside blower wheel with cresent wrench. This will loosen wheel and it should come off. Just make sure you mark wires so you will know where the other go. Change capacitor while you have it out. You might clean blower wheel while you have it out. Just use a small brush and brush out blades. You figured it out this far. You will not have a problem. Russ
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