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I just relaced a HK42FZ011 with a HK42FZ013, I am getting a

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I just relaced a HK42FZ011 with a HK42FZ013, I am getting a flashing led in test mode. Code reads reversed polarity?

Hi, Tom here.


The reverse polarity code simply means that you need to reverse the two 120 volt lead wires (L1 and L2 or it may be labeled N or Neutral).


I know it seems strange that they would have a reverse polarity code for ac current, but it has to do with the flame sensing circuit which operates on a tiny direct current signal. It wants to see the neutral or ground from your power supply on the correct input terminal.


Just switch the two power leads and it should go away.



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Even if it worked correctly on the old curuit board?

If it says reverse polarity you need to reverse the power leads. The circuits on the new board could be different.



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
L1 is the larger black wire, and L2 is the larger white wire, If white is the neutral, is it safe just to swap these wires?

Yes, it's not going to harm anything, the worst that can happen is what it's doing now.


I would try it.



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