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Is American Standard considered a good quality HVAC system

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Is American Standard considered a good quality HVAC system? I have a quote for a 15 SEER 3.5 ton v.s. handler and heat pump: 7,476 installed. Does that sound reasonable?
Also, it was highly recommended that the current fiberglass duct board be replaced with sheet metal trunk with new collars w/ manual dampners, mastic seal all ducts for $1,100. Is that a good price?

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That is right in line with the market in metro Atlanta and if they are replacing an entire trunk line and mastic all the connections for 1,100.00 that is a great price. This system does qualify for the 1,500 tax credit as well. I would make sure you ask them about the line set though make sure if you are getting this high end system that you have the correct sized line set. If the existing is too small and they use it you will not truly get the SEER you are being quoted.


American Standard is the same company as Trane and the AS line is actually the higher end. It's like Toyota and Lexus with the Trane being Toyota and AS being Lexus.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I would like to clarify something. I original said that a new sheet metal trunk would be installed in place of the duct board. And you suggested I ask about the "line set." Looking back on the quote paper it says "replace existing duct board trunk line..." So is that what you were referring to? Should I assume, then, that the appropriate sized line will in fact be installed to allow proper SEER? Thanks.;
no I am talking about the line set which is the two copper lines that connect the indoor coil to the outdoor heat pump. It is what the refrigerant flows through. If this big line is not sufficient for the higher SEER unit along with it being 410A refrigerant now the system will not run at the efficiency level it is designed to.
Matthew and 2 other HVAC Specialists are ready to help you