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I think my furnace is using way to much propane. I have burned

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I think my furnace is using way to much propane. I have burned 100 gallons of propane in the last 25 days. We keep the thermostat on 68-70 at night and turn it down to 65 during the day. I have a new house with cellulose insulation. In money i have spent 398.00 this month. That just dont sound right. Any ideas what is going on? The gas company has been out to my house and insures me that i dont have a leak.
The average Value for LP is 91,600 BTUs per gallon, per hour. Some say 91,300 BTUs per gallon per hour. So find out how many BTU's your furnace is, Example: 90,000 btu furnace uses about 1 gallon of fuel per hour.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The manual says it is a 90,000 btu. The unit does not come on but about once every hour during the night on a cold night and only stays on for about 10 to 15 minutes every cycle. Would you suggest calling the HVAC technician that installed the unit to come check it out?
I'd have him put his manometer on it & check the pressure at the gas valve. In the case of propane, if it is set too low, you will not get the max thermal value. I live in the mountains of Ca, all we use up here is LP. I know that the Goodman GMV is a higher efficiency variable speed, 2 stage heater. The settings for the 1st & second stages may need to be adjusted. That particular furnace can actually "learn" how long to wait before the second stage heat kicks in. Also if the thermostat is a single stage thermostat, & the dipswitches on the board in the furnace are set to 2 stage thermostat, the furnace will not go into high heat mode, therefore taking too long to heat the house. Also keep in mind the equation I stated is actual burn time, so every actual 60 minutes the furnace burns fuel, it uses a gallon, not necessarily run time.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks Gary, i will have him come out and check.
Thank you! Glad I could help...

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