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What is the cause formy Trane furnace trying to run, then shuts off?

Customer Question

My Trane furnace tries to run, then shuts off....the ignitor fires up and runs for about 30 seconds then it flames out. It happens several times before the blower kicks on because of the heat built up...What could be the cause? Yes, the air filter is new.

Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  gotoman for ac replied 7 years ago.

There is a flame rod inserted into your burner. I want you to clean this and retry furnace. Clean with sand paper or steel wool. If it locks out. I want you to look thru the hole in blower door and check diagnostic light. Count flashes and check the diagnostic chart for the problem. Get back toe.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

2 flashes- system locked out according to the booklet... furnace is only 6yrs old if that matters.

Expert:  gotoman for ac replied 7 years ago.

Check chart inside door to see the reason for the lockout. Also next check Air switch. You see small hoses coming from induced draft fan(small fan). Take off these hoses, check for water, blockage or kinks blow gently into and out thru the hose. You should here a click. Retry furnace but I need the information on the diagnostic chart. Do this and get back to me

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

The chart doesn't give a cause for lockout other than retries and recycles exceeded...I did the possible remedies in the booklet...turning off the power to furnace on-off-on-off twice in 30 seconds....Furnace is now flashing normal request for heat,..nd is running without hiccups,I like to call it..

Ok, scratch that it’s doing it again.....starting to cycle, then shutting off.

I opened the door, pressed the button and ignitor kicks on and gets hot.Flames come out, only runs for a few seconds then the flames go out. It will cycle like that several times.

Expert:  Daniel A. replied 7 years ago.

I am a Trane dealer and I have experienced a problem with the flame sensor because of poor grounding. Check all grounding wires including the one that is on the burner tubes. If any grounding problems, then the sensor will not detect the flame properly. If all grounding wires appear ok,try replacing the flame sensor. It’s an inexpensive part and its worth a shot.