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Phil, Mechanical Engineer
Category: HVAC
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Experience:  Retired HVAC/ Electrical & Boiler contractor. Industrial
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how do you jump out the vent damper it is a 4 wire honeywell

motor on a 6 inch... Show More
motor on a 6 inch flue and I am unable to get a replacement at this time and have no heat in house?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: HVAC
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Bill, HVAC Technician
Satisfied Customers: 318
Experience: 15+ years service tech.
replied 7 years ago.
try to remove the cover of damper assembly and look for a small slide switch that saya next to it SERV and NORM set the switch to SERV
Customer reply replied 7 years ago.
tried that already still no ignition
Bill, HVAC Technician replied 7 years ago.
when in SERV position did the damper open?
Customer reply replied 7 years ago.
yes damper is in open position but the terminal accepting the wrie harness seems to be loose and the green lights for call for heat and igniton gas power will not stay on
Bill, HVAC Technician replied 7 years ago.
ok, i need to opt out , cant help any more, sorry.
Customer reply replied 7 years ago.
so you are telling me that it can not be jumped out temporarily and I will have no heat tonight until I can get a replacement in the moring.
Bill, HVAC Technician replied 7 years ago.

im saying i know, of no way to bypass it.

i opt out, to let others see the question

Customer reply replied 7 years ago.
Relist: Other
I did not get a help but was still charged the $9. Can I get a refund?
BillyHvac, Journeyman HVAC Tech
Satisfied Customers: 22256
Experience: Endorsed for unlimited heating, cooling, oil burners, boilers, refrigeration, hydronics
replied 7 years ago.


Are the wires labeled 1,2,3,4?