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My Goodman air handler RELAY, ELECTRONIC BLOWER TIME DELAY makes a clicking noise 4 or 5 five cycles (about 10+ Sec delay ) before the squirrel cage fan will come/stay on. I have reset the unit by switch it off for 5 minutes then back on and it worked for a week but now it makes the outside compressor go on and off the same number of cycles before it comes on. Do I need a new board or can the capacitor cause this problem? Help it's hot in Phoenix!

From the symptoms you described it does not sound like it would be possible for a capacitor to cause this problem. The Capacitor, to put it in a basic way, gives the compressor or fan motor extra starting torque to get it moving by building up a charge. Most likely you will need to replace the time delay control (if that is not possible, you will most likely need a new circuit board).

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
It sounded like the board to me but i was not sure how the cap feed the system. So in your opinion it is the board with the relay on it and not a signal or power supply to the relay?

Yes it sounds to me like a board or contactor on the board. If it is clicking to start or cycle it has power to do so. Most likely culprit is the board.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Awesome thanks for the Help now i just have to find a board or the relay itself and swap it. Thanks

Your very welcome, any other problems feel free to ask!

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