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How to replace 2AAA batteries in a white-rodgers thermostat

Resolved Question:

How to replace 2AAA batteries in a white-rodgers thermostat model #1F79
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  Drcool replied 7 years ago.

I found about 4 types of 1F79.

Are there more numbers after those you listed?
Expert:  Drcool replied 7 years ago.
The manual just tells tp lift the cover slowly. Do not pry or force it out.

Here is what I found on the manual. This instruction is how to attached the base to the wall. It says there to gently pull the cover straight off the base.

The batteries will be on the base of the unit and can be replaced with the + ends on its right.

Attach Thermostat Base to Wall
1. Remove the packing material from the thermostat. Gently pull
the cover straight off the base. Forcing or prying on the
thermostat will cause damage to the unit.
2. Connect wires beneath terminal screws on base using appropriate
wiring schematic (see figs. 2 through 4).
3. Place base over hole in wall and mark mounting hole locations
on wall using base as a template.
4. Move base out of the way. Drill mounting holes.
5. Fasten base loosely to wall, as shown in fig. 1, using two
mounting screws. Place a level against bottom of base, adjust
until level, and then tighten screws. (Leveling is for appearance
only and will not affect thermostat operation.) If you are
using existing mounting holes, or if holes drilled are too large
and do not allow you to tighten base snugly, use plastic screw
anchors to secure subbase.
6. Push excess wire into wall and plug hole with a fire-resistant
material (such as fiberglass insulation) to prevent drafts from
affecting thermostat operation.
Battery Location
This thermostat does not require batteries to operate. The 2 “AAA”
alkaline batteries are for the thermostat to remember the configuration
menu selections if AC voltage is lost. If the display shows
BATT when AC power is not present, the batteries are low and
should be replaced with fresh “AAA” Energizer® alkaline batteries.
To replace the batteries, install the batteries along the top of the
base (see fig. 1). The batteries must be installed with the positive
(+) ends to the right.
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