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Dr Emily Weaver
Dr Emily Weaver, Horse Veterinarian
Category: Horse Veterinary
Satisfied Customers: 34
Experience:  Equine Veterinarian with over 11 years experience in ambulatory practice
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I have a mare that gave birth about three weeks ago and now

Customer Question

I have a mare that gave birth about three weeks ago and now she has a bloody discharge that is thick and bright red. The mare is 20 and I have had her all of her life. She is not off her feed, she is a little down on weight, and is nursing her filly just fine. They are out in a pasture by them selves
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Horse Veterinary
Expert:  Dr Emily Weaver replied 11 months ago.

Hi Shelly, This is Dr Emily, I am an experienced equine vet.

Can you answer a few questions for me about Callie,

How much blood have you seen? Is it a steady drip or did you just find clots?

Expert:  Dr Emily Weaver replied 11 months ago.

A little bit of bloody discharge can be normal in an older postpartum mare. If it persists (more than 3-5 days), Or if it increases in amount you may need to have your vet check her, do an ultrasound and maybe a speculum exam to make sure she doesn't have a more serious problem.

Expert:  Dr Emily Weaver replied 10 months ago.

Hi Shelly,

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-Dr Emily Weaver