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Doctor.A, Veterinarian
Category: Horse Veterinary
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Experience:  I am licensed to practice Veterinary Medicine in multiple states, as well as Board Certified In Equine Surgery.
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I am worried that my horse has colic. He was lying down, but it's also very hot outsi

Customer Question

I am worried that my horse has colic. He was lying down, but it's also very hot outside. The main thing that has me worried is that I can see a lump in his belly that wasn't there before.
I have walked him around a lot and he has had a lot of water to drink. Is there anything else I can do?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Horse Veterinary
Expert:  Doctor.A replied 1 year ago.
hello I am Dr a and would love to help.
Expert:  Doctor.A replied 1 year ago.
Has he been doing anything abnormal other than laying down? is he passing manure normally? urinating normally?It dosent sound like a bad episode of colic at this point, so i would recommend removing his food for 24 hours, giving him fresh water and a second bucket with electrolytes, keeping track of his manure production, and minimizing his time outside when its hot. put a fan on his stall and take his temperature. If it is above 101.5, call your veterinarian to come out on emergency. If all above looks ok, then just wait till monday and make an appointment to have him seen as soon as possible on a regular appointment
Expert:  Doctor.A replied 1 year ago.
is there anything else i can help you with? How are things?

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