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About to view a horse who has a sprout sized lump on his sheath

Customer Question

About to view a horse who has a sprout sized lump on his sheath which he's had since 6 months old now 8 yrs. apparently never changed over that time & has passed a 5 stage. Advice please
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Horse Veterinary
Expert:  Doctor.A replied 1 year ago.
Without a photo or more description I would be concerned about a sarcoid, which is a cutaneous tumor that can range from very mild to very agressive. Often times these can be treated with a cream, or local injection of a chemotheraputic agent, after surgical debulking.Another option is to leave it alone until such time that it begins to grow larger. These on occasion will stay the same size, and then an unknown trigger can cause them to grow. Certainly an exam from your veterinarian to determine if it is a sarcoid is the next step.