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We just purchases a 1999 Accord LX 4 cylinder with 200,000

Customer Question

We just purchases a 1999 Accord LX 4 cylinder with 200,000 miles. The car jerks going into first gear from a stop. We've done a flush but the problem is still persisting. Check engine light is now on and code P0706 comes up. Not sure what next step should be.
Submitted: 4 months ago.
Category: Honda
Expert:  ddamato1986 replied 4 months ago.

Hello and thank you for choosing Just Answer. Hondas are notorious for having issues with their automatic transmissions. The code you are recieving P0706 sometimes can be due to dirty fluid clogging the solenoids and valve body, however given the transmission has 200k miles on it, its most likely due for a rebuild or replacement. There are certain fluid additives you can try and see if that helps such as Lucas, however as the transmission clutches wear down overtime it will have a harder time shifting into gear. Slippage occurs and wears down the clutch plates, the debris can clog the soleniods and valve body which can be replaced or flushed, however if that doesnt work you will need to seek a local mechanic to repair or replace the transmission

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
How would you flush the selenoids and valve body?
Expert:  ddamato1986 replied 4 months ago.

Honda transmission are not like typical transmissions where as the filter is internal to the transmission. Most other vehicles you can drop the transmission pan and replace the filter, change the fluid etc. With import cars especially Hondas, you will need to bring it to a local mechanic or Oil Change shop and request a transmission flush service. Doing a drain & fill doesn't remove all the debris and worn sediment out of the transmission. The flush uses clean and pressurized transmission fluid to force out the old fluid, normally it will run in excess of 10+ quarts of fluid to ensure the transmission has been properly flushed. Dont be alarmed if this does not work, as mentioned the Honda transmissions are notoroiusly bad for failing, but this would be the first step before considering a major overhaul.

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
We did a drain and flush ourselves yesterday with transmission fluid I bought from Honda. We used 10 quarts. It seems to run a little smoother but not completely. We've read that changing the pressure switch might do the trick. Any other ideas we can try first before looking at a rebuild or new transmission?
Expert:  ddamato1986 replied 4 months ago.

Did you just drain and fill or did you use a flush machine? If you didn't use a flush machine I would recommend trying that as your next step as i mentioned above, it will help get more particulates and clutch wear material out. Also I would disconnect the battery overnight to reset the ECU and TCU, sometimes the engine and trans will re-learn driving conditions with new parameters. Unlikely it will do much, but its worth a shot before you make a big investment in the repair. From that point the pressure switch and solenoid valves would be my last resort before you consider a replacement / overhaul.

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Thank you so much! You've certainly given us a jumping off point.
Expert:  ddamato1986 replied 4 months ago.

No problem, please be sure to accept . Have a happy new year