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I have a 2002 Accord EX V6 and the check engine light is

Customer Question

Hi, I have a 2002 Accord EX V6 and the check engine light is flashing on and off and it is chugging, just like this other owner here. We went to the Auto Zone and the sensor detected nothing. The oil registers on the low side. What could it be?
JA: Does the light stay on, or does it blink?
Customer: blinks
JA: Are you hoping to fix this yourself? What have you tried so far?
Customer: Well, either way. Believe it or not, I am on a time schedule. My dad is dying of lung cancer and I am trying to get him to a healer in Mexico where his friend is. We are in Nogales right now and were scheduled to cross the border tomorrow am.
JA: Anything else you think the mechanic should know?
Customer: Hm. We have been driving hard for 4 days with the AC on the whole time. The temperature has never gone above 1/2 way and the water level is an inch above minimum.
Submitted: 8 months ago.
Category: Honda
Expert:  Matt replied 8 months ago.


OK if the code reader didn't pull anything off then then I'd try resetting the ECU by disconnecting the battery cables and clamping them together for 10 mins. Remove both battery leads from the battery then use a nut and bolt or G-clamp to hold both battery lead terminals together.

This discharges any capacitors / memory within the ECU and around the car so ensures all memory settings are wiped clear - back to the factory default.

This will reset all the systems on the car and you may need the radio security code to get it going again, and ensure that the keys are in your hand when you re-connect the battery as the car may lock and turn on the alarm

This could be a wiring issue as things tend to expand when hot and its possible a poor orpartial electrical connection is being pushed apart on one of the major sensorsso check the connection plug and wiring to the following;

Airflow meter

Crank position sensor

Cam position sensor

O2 sensor

Throttle position sensor

unplug each in turn and use some switch / contact cleaner spray on the pins to ensure its all grease / dirt free

Expert:  Matt replied 8 months ago.


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