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Ridgerunnerras, Auto Mechanic
Category: Honda
Satisfied Customers: 602
Experience:  I have been fixing cars for 26 years for myself and at a used Car dealer. I am skill mechnical and autobody and paint repair
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Odyssey: Alternator went out on 2010 odyssey. I replaced it

Customer Question

Alternator went out on 2010 odyssey. I replaced it with aftermarket one. Now, everything is haywire; windows don't work, radio won't work, transmission slips, lights won't come runs, but loads of electrical problems.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Honda
Expert:  Ridgerunnerras replied 1 year ago.
Hello I would like to help you. if everything you are saying happened as soon as you replaced it then you may have a defective unit or there is a electrical connection that is not good or not connected at all. possible a grounding strap or wire that was removed during the repair.
if you have a voltmeter please check to see that you have at least 13.5 volts on the battery when the engine is running. if you have less like 12 volts then it is not charging and a lot of those problem are caused buy low voltage.
Recheck all of your connections and replace the alternator with a working one if needed. the auto parts store can check to see if is working on their machine.
I hope that his helps
thanks Carl

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