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Kyle N.
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2006 Honda Accord: my check engine light came..diagnostic

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my check engine light came on suddenly yesterday and my 2006 Honda Accord started losing power and sputtering. i took it to a local mechanic and he hooked up a diagnostic and a code came back the vtec wasn't turning on because not enough oil. He checked for oil leaks and didn't find anything major and also checked vtec plug and it was plugged in. He said i was only about 1/2 qt low on oil and said that shouldn't cause vtec not to turn on, but he put some oil in anyway and cleared code. Then my car drove fine. But then today, it happened all over again. Only worse-check engine light on and more sputtering/losing power. i have a i-vtec 2.4 dohc sulev with about 180K miles. Is this going to cost major money or could it be something simple/cheap?

Kyle Northrop :

Hi, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I'm a Honda expert here at I'd be glad to help you with your question.

Kyle Northrop :

Do you know what the code was?


no, i didn't write it down, but the mechanic said it was the vtec not turning on because of not enough oil, but i was only a 1/2 qt low

Kyle Northrop :

A 1/2 quart could actually cause the VTEC solenoid not to work so he could be right.

Kyle Northrop :

If the code is the same this time around you may have a clogged VTEC solenoid screen. You'll have to remove the VTEC solenoid off the side of the cylinder head and check that screen and clean it if need be. The screen sometimes gets debris in it and it causes the same code you would get if the oil level was low.

Kyle Northrop :

As long as the check engine light isn't flashing I wouldn't worry about it that much

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