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Kyle N.
Kyle N., Honda Master Tech
Category: Honda
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Experience:  Honda Dealer Tech, ASE Master Auto Tech
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Hi , My Honda accord is shutting off randomly while driving. I

Customer Question

Hi ,
My Honda accord is shutting off randomly while driving.
I consulted "Master tech" expert on ur website & he recommended me to change the Ignition switch.I did that then also same thing is happening.Please help??
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Honda
Expert:  Kyle N. replied 6 years ago.



Were the replacement parts OEM Honda?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Actually Battery was changed a day before & the car started stalling right after that.Here I would like to mention that after the Battery was replaced I played the FM radio of my car (which i think needs to be Reset with the password) but i forgot to set the password & it played.To my astonishment it should not have played (after Battery is disconnected)because after that this STALLING PROBLEM started.After that yesterday i got Ignition switch replaced then also same thing is happening.
Also the CHECK ENGINE LIGHT IS CONTINOUSLY ON since few weeks,I took the car to a mechanic he diagnosed it that time & the error code said something related to O2 sensor .He checked the sensor its pressure drop & other things it was working fine.
Now when i chckd the cod again its P0401 & P0420.I dont want to spend endlessly without diagnosing the right problem.
Please help......
Expert:  Kyle N. replied 6 years ago.


If the stalling started after you replaced the battery try this trick, remove the negative then positive battery cables and then touch them together for 3 mins. at least. Then put the positive then negative battery cable back on the battery and then start the car with the A/C off and let it run without touching the gas pedal for at least 10 mins. If you replaced the battery and didn't let the car run 10 mins. to learn it's idle then you may have a stalling issue.

Try letting it run for 10 mins. to learn it's idle values then it should work if that's the problem.
As for as the other codes go the second one is for a bad cat. converter and the first code is for insufficient EGR flow. The first one is most likely a faulty cat. converter and the second is probably coming on because you have a clogged up EGR passage in the intake.

Figure a couple hours labor to clean out the EGR passage and a hour of labor to replace the cat. and about $200 for an aftermarket cat. converter.

Hope that helps.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hi Kyle,

Sorry for late reply was out of station for sometime,so couldnt check ur postings.
But before leaving i gave the car to a good mechanic at my place.
He tried looking at it over these days but the car didnt shutoff on him.And he returned back to me saying to bring if the problem persists.
But when i drove it yesterday for say around 15-20 miles it shut on me.I think it does that more often while it is warmed after driving & mostly it stalls when i come to a halt at a traffic light.I took it on a freeway today but it ran well & didnt stall.But im really puzzled whats going on.Please help.....
Expert:  Kyle N. replied 6 years ago.


Get a Honda OEM replacement ignition switch and have it installed. You have the classic ignition switch failure symptoms. The only think I can think of besides that is a bad coil or ICM inside the distributer.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Can u plzz tell me how to test Ignition Coil & ICM inside the distributor.
Expert:  Kyle N. replied 6 years ago.


Most of the time you remove the dist. cap and rotor and you take a test light and touch the black/yellow wire while someone cranks the engine over. The test light should be on with the key in the "on" position and flash when the engine is cranking. If you don't have flashing the ICM is bad. If you have flashing and it doesn't start the coil is bad. Easy.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hi Kelly,

Sorry for the late response.Actually was travelling so couldnt reply.Anyways ive recently changed Main relay of my car & lets see how it goes.
The Check engine light is still on & showing only EGR code.So i asked the dealer for doing the needful & he is asking around 4 hrs labour for the cleaning the ports & passage to EGR.So it will be around 350-400 bucks more.
Ive already spent so much on the car that iam thinking to do it myself.
So if you can help with that any procedural document or any helpful link from ur side that may assist me.
I really appreciate your help.
Thanks for ur prompt replies & keep up the good work.