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acura mstr
acura mstr, Honda Master Tech
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The AC/heater fan on my 2002 Honda CRV quit working suddenly.

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The AC/heater fan on my 2002 Honda CRV quit working suddenly. It wouldn't kick on the heater, AC, or just fan at any speed. I took it in the shop; they said it was a bad resistor, which I had them replace. I went to pick up the car, and was told it worked initially after replacing the resistor, but when checked an hour later, the resistor had blown again. I left the car overnight. Now they tell me the blower motor was putting out too much amperage and was blowing the resistor. They say they need to replace the blower motor and that should solve the problem. I'm not a mechanic, but a friend who is a backyard mechanic said this sequence sounds fishy. Any thoughts?

Hi, welcome to Just Answer. I'm acuramstr. the blower motor can cause the transistor thermo fuse to blow . honda used to sell them together as a kit on some models. so the blower motor probably caused the transistor to fail. but the shop should have checked the blower motor current draw when they replaced the transistor so you should only be paying for one transistor and the blower motor. the shop should pay for the one that blew out because they were not thorough with the repair.

acura mstr and 5 other Honda Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Given the above, are the following charges reasonable:

1) replace bad resistor: $295. (P&L)

2) replace bad blower motor: $265. (P&L)

Also wondering, are these repairs something I could have done myself? (Not very knowledgable about cars, but very handy with fixing things myself). Thanks! -Bob-

heres the book time and pricing at $115.00 an hour labor they are not hard to replace .


acura mstr and 5 other Honda Specialists are ready to help you
heres the blower motor and transistor under the glove box the red arrows are the screws graphic

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