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92 honda accord 2.2 liter tach erratic ...engine stumbles...have

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92 honda accord 2.2 liter tach erratic ...engine stumbles...have good compression..adj valves..replaced distributor..egr valve ...checked and adjusted TPS..removed main relay and checked soldered joints. no other test on main relay done ...i have done about every thing i can come up with and symptoms persist..ok i have noticed sparkplugs{new} are very dry as though they are getting no fuel at all...ok the engine will start no problem.. it will idle no problem although tach will jump ocasionally...if you slowly raise rpm around 2000 to 2200 tach will go crazy and engine will miss if you are driving it does same and if you keep depressing throttle slowly the engine will die out and tach will go to zero until you let off throttle then it will do fine again if you hit throttle fast sometimes it will pull out of condition...since plugs are so dry and clean is this a fuel supply problem ???have had ignitor checked ok..condition remains same mechanics long distance ..last resort


Is the tach following the engine speed or is it bouncing around beyond what the engine speed is?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
tach will follow engine speed till about 2000 then jumps... sometmes at idle it will jump slightly but engine doesnt seem to miss then. the distributor came from online from a place that says they are number one honda parts source but i don't think it is a TEC or a denso i was told to buy one from a honda dealer and i thought this would be the same...not sure...ignitor came from local big name store..has made in japan on it ..i even took it back and had it checked ...i unhooked tach wire from distributor to see if grounded made no diff..i have vacuum pump and analog and digital meter i have checked everything i can find to check by store bought manual...


The tach signal comes from the ignitor. I think it's either that ignitor or the dist. base assembly that has the cam sensor in it. Only use Honda parts for ignition systems. I'd start with a Honda ignitor first then if that doesn't fix it change the dist. sub assembly. I know you've been given a new part but trust me I get cars in the dealer shop where I work all the time with new non honda ignition parts like ignitors and they don't work. I replace them with my own "test" dist. or ICM or coil and it runs fine again. Since the tach runs off the ICM replace that first trust me.

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