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jonathan789, Honda Mechanic
Category: Honda
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Experience:  12 yrs auto repair experience 2 yrs honda dealership experience
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How do you fill rear differential on a 2004 Honda CRV

Resolved Question:

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Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Honda
Expert:  jonathan789 replied 8 years ago.
Hello here are the instructions for rear differential service make sure you use the fluid from Honda it is called Dual Pump Fluid let me know if you have any questions

2004 CR-V - Rear Differential Fluid Inspection and Replacement

  1. With the vehicle on level ground, inspect the differential fluid with the ignition switch turned to LOCK (0).

  2. Use solvent and a brush to wash any oil and dirt off the differential fluid inspection oil filler plug.

  1. Remove the oil filler plug (A) and the sealing washer (B), then check the condition of the fluid, and make sure the fluid is at the proper level (C).

  2. The fluid level must be up to the fill hole. If it is below the hole, add the recommended fluid until it runs out, then reinstall the oil filler plug with a new sealing washer.

  1. If the fluid is dirty, remove the drain plug (A), and drain it.

  2. Clean the drain plug, then reinstall it with a new sealing washer, and refill the differential with the recommended fluid to the proper level.

    NOTE: If you disassemble the differential, check the fluid level again after the 4WD system check is finished. Add fluid if necessary.

    Fluid Capacity

    1.0 l (1.1 US qt) at fluid change

    1.2 l (1.3 US qt) at overhaul

    Recommended fluid:

    Honda Dual Pump System Fluid (P/N NNN-NN-NNNN

  3. Reinstall the oil filler plug with a new sealing washer.

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