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2005 Honda: the front blower is not air..air coming

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I have a 2005 Honda odyssey. the front blower is not blowing at all and there is no cool air coming out even when "a/c on" is on.
lx ex exl or touring model?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
check fuse 21 in the under hood fuse box and fuse 30 in the drivers side under dash fuse box . the blower is inop in all speeds right? let me know what you find on the fuses
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
the blower for the driver and passenger front is inoperable in all positions. I am on my way outside now but it is very dark and I don't have a light source near my car. And so I might need to drive it somewhere which well take me away from my pc for a bit.

Perhaps the battery is weakening...? Just thought i would add this info as it might be relevant somehow.
you can repost tomorrow if you want to check them in the daylight I will check questions I have started throughout the day you can repost to this question also and don't need to start a new question . Does your van start? what makes you think battery is weak?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Plans are to return home tomorrow. Leave at 4am... yikes.

Horn sounds weak, normally very robust. figured a weak battery was impacting it's intensity.

I checked the fuses and compared their condition to the manual they all appear to be in tact and functional.
I see on vacation ? does you van still start ? if it is running alt should be able to keep battery voltage high enough to run blower motor assuming it is charging properly
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Jonathan - yes on vacation. Van starts properly and blower to the back of vehicle works terrific. However there is no cool air anywhere.

I just located some info that is posted below on-line from a poster who had a similar problem. Does any of this information seem relevant here?

"The blower motor on my Honda Odyssey would only work on high and the A/C wasn't working. I found info online that indicated the problem could be the blower motor resistor. I bought a new part at AutoZone (part # XXXXX) for $72. The resistor is located under the dash on the passenger's side all the way towards the front. It attaches with three bolts (8 mm hex) and has an electrical connector plugged into it. Replacing it was easy, except for the hard to reach location which required laying upside down on the reclined passenger's seat. "

"After replacing the resistor the blower fan now works at all speeds and the A/C is blowing cold once again."
yes the resistor can cause that problem the way the blowers work on your van is this you have a relay that send power to the blower motor and and the control panel (switch ) control the ground side . and you have the same thing for the rear blower if your air isn't cool I would lean toward the resistor if the fuses were ok the fuse you checked in the driver side fuse box goes to both the front blower relay and the compressor relay with out using any thing to test with you can try and switch relays in the under hood fuse box click here for location on relays it should have another one that will be the same part number as the blower relay if the blower is still not working I would try a resistor click here for location you might want to use an oe Honda part though let me know if you have any questions about all that .
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Jonathan - having trouble with this last e-mail.

The fuses showed no sign of being burnt out or severed in any way. I don't think that is the issue.

So is a resistor the same as a relay? Or is a resistor what sits upon a relay? If they are different please explain.

Are you recommending that I switch out resistor's in the fuse box that is located under the hood?

Or are you recommending purchasing a new resistor possibly? If it is the former question, which two resistor's do I switch with one another?
no relay and resistor (blower power transistor as Honda calls it ) are different relay is in the underhood fuse box resistor is under the dash . Usually there are a couple of relays that are the same part number you cant try moving one of the others into the blower relay spot and see if it works then . If it still doesn't work I would suspect the resistor will need to be replaced . Let me know if that made more sense to you.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I'm gonna try to switch a few relays. Which do you recommend? for instance the rear window defogger with the blower motor relay.

What about the a/c condeser fan relay? Could that be a problem too?
as long as it has the same part number it will be fine you only need to swap the two not a few though and the condensor fan realy should not affect the blower motor operation
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I swapped 6 and 8 as they were the only two relays that were the same. nothing happened...

thanks for all your insights. You clearly are an expert here.

Apparently, since it is not the fuses or the relays, the problem must be the resistor. I'll have to travel in the heat. Perhaps you might call a colleague in a city between Hilton Head island South Carolina and Cincinnati Ohio. Major cities are Columbia, Hendersonville, Asheville, Knoxville. Perhaps a Honda service department along our path might be able to help us!

My cell number is(NNN) NNN-NNNN


I suspect resistor problem too .some honda dealers are open on saturday and you can also try aftermarket for part if needed