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1999 Honda Odyssey EX. TCS and Check Engine lights

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1999 Honda Odyssey EX. TCS and Check Engine lights both on. What's the problem. Just started yesterday after two days of rain.
Knowing your van's year and having worked on them so much I'd say you most likely have a transmission problem and that's what has caused the check engine and the TCS light to come on. You need to have the computer scanned to see what the trouble codes are so you can pinpoint the problem. If you have an Autozone part store near you they offer a free scan service. If you post the codes here I can help you pinpoint the problem.
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Kyle Northrop's Post: O.K. I'll visit Autozone and have them get the error codes, then get back to you for a proposed solution. From what I've read, transmission problems with Hondas are all too frequent. The Odyssey has over 105K miles and has been a good vehicle so far. I want to hold onto it for a few more years, if possible. Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX back to you soon.
Ok great, I'll be here.