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Software design and development). Each student number is an

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software design and development). Each student number is ***** eight digit number such as 11556677. (Note: Two records in the file have intentionally been "corrupted" - for testing purposes.)
Design an algorithm and use it to write a Python program that displays the below menu and loop it to allow the user to perform different tasks.
Student Information System
1. Add a new student
2. Search a student
3. Delete a student
4. exit
Select an option [1/2/3]:
If the user selects the option 1 the user to add new students into the file, if the user selects option 2 the program should read the contents of the data file into a list. The program should then loop, to allow a user to check various numbers against those stored in the list. The loop should terminate when an "empty" input occurs - i.e. when the user presses the [Enter] key on its own. (Obviously this last entry should NOT be checked against the list!) If the student number input matches an element somewhere in the list, the program should display the number together with the course and the specialisation. If the number input does not match any element in the list, then the program should display the number and a message saying that it IS NOT a valid student number. If the user selects the option 3 the program should prompt the user to enter a student number. Then, the program should delete that student record from the file and notify the user with the message ‘the student was deleted from the file…!’. However, if the student number does not exist the user should be notified the user by displaying the message ‘the student does not exist in the file…!’. If the user selects option 4 the program should terminate and display the message ‘Thank you..! See you again…’.
Submitted: 3 months ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  LogicPro replied 3 months ago.



Hope you are doing well.

Zip all files; upload the zipped file to or and post download link here.

What is the deadline?

Expert:  LogicPro replied 3 months ago.

You there friend?

What is the deadline?

Expert:  LogicPro replied 3 months ago.

Still waiting for your reply

What is the deadline?

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