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Suppose the main memory of the Pep/8 were completely filled

Customer Question

Suppose the main memory of the Pep/8 were completely filled with unary instruc- tions. How many instructions would it contain?
(a) What is the opcode in binary? (b) What does the instruction do? (c) What is the register-r field in binary? (d) Which register does it specify? (e) What is the addressing-aaa field in binary? (f) Which addressing mode does it specify? (g) What is the operand specifier in hexadecimal? 4. Answer the questions in Exercise 3 for the machine language instructions 8B00AC and F70BD3.
Suppose Pep/8 contains the following four hexadecimal values: A: 19AC X: FE20 Mem[0A3F]: FF00 Mem[0A41]: 103D 6 (a) C90A3F . Determine the output of the following Pep/8 machine-language program if the input is tab. The left column is the memory address of the first byte on the line: 0000(###) ###-####490011 0006(###) ###-####510011 000C 510010 000F 00
zWrite a machine-language program to add the three numbers 2, –3, and 6 and output the sum on the output device. Write it in a format suitable for the loader and execute it on the Pep/8 simulator.
Computer Systems 4th Edition CIS210
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Mr. Gregory White replied 1 year ago.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.

Not sure since this is straight from the Computer Systems 4th Edition book.

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