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Define a class called TicTacToe. An object of type TicTacToe

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Define a class called TicTacToe. An object of type TicTacToe is a single game of tic-tac-toe. Store the game board as a single two-dimensional array of base type char that has three rows and three columns. Include methods to add a move, display the board, tell whose turn it is (X or O), tell whether there is a winner, say who the winner is, and to reinitialize the game to the beginning. Write a main method for the class that will allow two players to enter their moves in turn at the same keyboard.


Also, I just need to figure this out by Wednesday, thanks!


Welcome to just answer.

I will provide you with the answer in a short while.

ehab tutor
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Okay thanks!

You're welcome.


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Hi Ryan,

Thanks for the positive feedback.

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