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for five star law there are 50 MCQs of five different classes

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for five star law
there are 50 MCQs of five different classes 10 each. I need the answers Asap.
social impact of business
A firm subscribing to the ownership theory of the firm would mainly be concerned with providing value for its:

Board of Directors.
The emergence of technology-enabled popular fads is often referred to as:

social monitoring.
image advertising.
The costs of corporate social responsibility may ultimately be passed on to the:

employees through fewer health benefits.
consumer through high prices.
investor through stock splits.
All of the above
When the CEO of General Electric appointed the company's first VP of Corporate Citizenship, he was demonstrating:

Enlightened Self-Interest.
a responsibility to stockholders.
an attempt to balance economic, legal and social responsibilities.
the Iron Law of Responsibility
Under the U.S. Corporate Sentencing Guidelines, if a firm has developed a strong ethics program, corporate executives found guilty of criminal activity may have their sentence:

decided by the company.
Governments being asked to ban the use of cell phones by drivers is an example of a public policy:

Deregulation has occurred in the following industries:

commercial airlines, sheet metal and interstate trucking.
commercial airlines, railroads and financial institutions.
commercial airlines, interstate trucking and silicon chip manufacturing.
financial institutions, railroads and silicon chip manufacturing.

A shared resource, such as land, air, or water, that a group of people uses collectively is a(n):

economic village.
collective resource.
global unification.
The information phase of technology primarily requires:

providing services.
intellectual and electronic skills.
manual and machine skills.
the same skills as needed in previous phases.
Which if the following is NOT a legal right of stockholders?

To vote on members for the board of directors
To vote on major mergers and acquisitions
To vote on changes in the corporate charter and proposals
To vote on who will become chief executive officer (CEO)

principle of finance
Of the following, which is NOT one of the four main areas of finance?

International finance
Corporate finance
All are considered main areas of finance.
________ is a major disadvantage of the corporate form of business.

Double taxation
Unlimited liability
Lack of ability to raise capital
Transfer of ownership
Everything else equal, an industry with more leverage will have a:

higher return on assets.
higher return on equity.
lower return on equity.
Both A & B
If you can earn 5.25% per year on your investments, how long will it take to double your money?

6.31 years
19.05 years
13.55 years
There is not enough information to answer this question.
Travis bought a share of stock for $31.50 that paid a dividend of $.85 and sold six months later for $27.65. What was his dollar profit or loss and holding period return?

-$3.00, -9.52%
-$3.85, -12.22%
-$.85, -2.70%
-$3.85, -9.52%
If you were required to estimate the average return for one category of securities for the coming year, history tells us that you should have the greatest degree of confidence estimating which of the following?

Long-term government bonds
3-month U.S. Treasury bills
Small-company stocks
Large-company stocks
Which of the following are not considered a part of the firm's capital structure?

Long-term debt
Retained earnings
Preferred stock
Which of the following choices lists the least to most aggressive actions in the pursuit of overdue debt?

1) a collection agency, 2) court action, 3) a letter requesting overdue payment
1) court action, 2) a collection agency, 3) a letter requesting overdue payment
1) a letter requesting overdue payment, 2) court action, 3) a collection agency
1) a letter requesting overdue payment, 2) a collection agency, 3) court action

John is in a high income-tax bracket and wishes to minimize current taxes payable. He also has a sizeable current income and prefers high growth rates to significant annual cash flow from his equity investments. Which of the following dividend polices would John most likely prefer if we assume that the dividend policy has no impact on the value of the firm and that the capital gains tax rate is lower than the ordinary tax rate?

High-dividend-payout policy
No-dividend-payout policy
Low-dividend-payout policy
John would be indifferent to all of the dividend policies.
Hi Fahad

Thanks for the questions. What is the deadline?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

deadline is 3 hours from nw.. I will post 30 MCQs.. total 50 MCQs... don't rply I will post remaining in 10 minutes

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Which of the following would NOT be considered a cost of debt financing?

The required return on a bank loan
The required return on preferred stock
The yield-to-maturity of a bond issue

The required return on money borrowed from a venture capitalist


business law

Ordinances are codified laws that are issued by:

the President.
state legislature.
Supreme Court judges.

local government bodies


Libel and slander constitute:

the tort of outrage.
defamation of character.
the tort of appropriation.

intentional misrepresentation.


The fraudulent creation or alteration of a written document that affects the legal liability of another person is called:



Which of the following must a promissory note contain to make it negotiable?

Acknowledgement of debt
Implied promise to pay
Unconditional affirmative to pay

Promise to negotiate


What is the employer's advantage in offering workers' compensation?

The employer need not pay for workers' compensation insurance.
The employer is exempt from having to offer paid medical leave.
The employer can avoid a lawsuit from an injured worker.

The employer can offer lower basic pay to workers



__________ discrimination occurs when an employer discriminates against an entire protected class.

Disparate treatment
Disparate impact
Favored treatment

Unfair impact


Which of the following happens when a general partner withdraws from a limited partnership?

The partnership must be sold.
The partnership is transferred.
The partnership is dissolved.

The partnership operates normally.


Which of the following is true regarding FDA regulations for cosmetics?

There is no law in the United States against animal testing for cosmetics.
All substances and preparations for cosmetic use are chemically proven to be free from carcinogens before sale by the FDA.
Ordinary household soap is evaluated in terms of its quality and safety as a cosmetic good under the FDA.

New cosmetics are released on the market only if they have the "CRUELTY-FREE" label on their package.


A merger between two or more companies that compete in the same business and geographical market is known as a(n):

horizontal merger.
vertical merger.
market extension merger.

conglomerate merger.


The legal rights that an owner has to possess, use, and enjoy his or her property are known as:

future interests.
estate in land.
easement rights.
estoppel by deed.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.


There is a negative relationship between two variables if:

they move in opposite directions.
they move in the same direction.
one variable changes and the other does not.

neither variable moves


A firm produces its product using both capital and labor. When it does not change its capital usage, but doubles its labor input, its output increases by less than 50 percent. Which of the following is the most likely explanation of this finding?

The principle of opportunity cost
The principle of diminishing returns
The marginal principle

The spillover principle


The price of iPhones has fallen dramatically. Which of the following is likely to happen?

The quantity of iPhones supplied will decrease.
The quantity of iPhones supplied will increase.
The supply of iPhones will decrease.

The supply of iPhones will increase.


If the demand for school ball caps is inelastic, an increase in price will result in:

a decrease in profits.
an increase in total revenue.
a decrease in total revenue.

an increase in the quantity demanded


An electricXXXXX XXXXXcensing program in the state of North Carolina requires each electrician to obtain a license and renew it each year. Which of the following is a result of having the licensing program in North Carolina?

A decrease in total surplus
Excess demand for electrical service
An increase in the quality of electrician

All of the above are a result of the licensing program


The self-interest theory of government was suggested by:

James Buchanan.
Charles M. Tiebout.

the European Union


Suppose that the only input used in the generation of solar energy is sunlight, which has a zero cost. The average total cost of producing electricity is:

equal to the marginal cost.
equal to the average fixed cost.

immeasurably high.


When a firm increases output and the costs rise disproportionately slower, then the long-run average cost curve is __________ and the firm is experiencing __________ .

horizontal; constant returns to scale
downward sloping; constant returns to scale
upward sloping; diseconomies of scale

downward sloping; economies of scale


Limit pricing occurs when a firm sets price:

equal to marginal cost.
equal to average cost.
at different amounts for different groups of consumers.

so low that other firms are prevented from entering the market.


Which of the following statements about featherbedding is correct?

It could increase production costs, resulting in higher prices for products.
The quantity of labor demanded by firms could actually decrease.
It could lead to a lower wage and smaller employment in the long run.
All of the above

Thanks. I am working on the answers.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

social impact of technology

__________ theories argue that the rightness or wrongness of actions and policies depends on the estimated consequences.







Variations in power density and duration are significant disadvantages of:

solar power.
wind power.
hydroelectric power.

nuclear power.


The enactment of the Magnuson Act in 1976:

focused more on sustainable yield approaches to U.S. fisheries.
opened up U.S. fisheries to foreign commercial interests.
allowed fishery managers to use economic and social factors to modify estimates of sustainable fish catches.

imposed restrictions on the amount of fish an individual could take.


demographic transition where a country develops a stable population - one that merely replaces itself - occurs when:

both birth and death rates rise.
both birth and death rates are low.
birth rates decline while death rates rise.

birth rates rise while death rates decline.


Jarod Diamond suggests that following the Great Leap Forward cultural development depended primarily on:

genetic change.
language-based communication.

migration into new geographic areas


Sustainable management strategies are difficult to implement because:

they are not practical.
ordinary people tend to resist them.
fragmented authority structures reduce cooperation between institutions.

they do not fit into the free-market model of economic activity.


Which of the following is NOT an argument offered by the text as an argument against population and birth control?

Fertility reduction is not worth the medical risks of using the medical means of population programs.
Population problems are actually resource-scarcity problems caused by over-consumption of rich nations.
Social and economic programs are enough to curb population growth.

Population growth has a positive effect on economic development


Global expectancy at birth is expected to keep on rising to reach __________ by 2045-2050.




According to the textbook, to mitigate the effects of the greenhouse, we must:

reduce fossil-fuel burning.
control the population by educating Third World countries in the use of birth control.
make policies for recycling that have penalties for not recycling.

empower the UN to control the issue.


Before antibiotics, __________ was(were) the only way to prevent the spread of innocuous diseases.


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

thanks for the help... 2hr and 15 min left

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