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Resolved Question:

I'm stuck on several 35 INTEGUMENTARY SYSTEM AND ORTHOPDICS questions that are too large for one submission. Please help. Heres 1-25:1. What two items are needed to correctly code for local treatment of burns?
A. Percentage of body surface and width of burn
B. Length and width of burn
C. Width and depth of burn
D. Percentage of body surface and depth of burn
2. Which of the following terms describes traction by use of strapping, elastic wraps, or tape?
A. Skin
B. Skeletal
C. Closed
D. Multiple method
3. The _______ chart is used for estimating the extent of burns on children.
A. Burn Percentage
B. Lund-Browder
C. Rule of Nines
D. Burn
4. What is the correct code for a modified radical mastectomy, including axillary lymph nodes, with or
without pectoralis minor muscle, but excluding pectoralis major muscle?
A. 19305
B. 19307
C. 19303
D. 19304
5. A graft taken from a human donor is known as a/an
A. autograft.
B. delayed graft.
C. allograft.
D. pinch graft.
6. Which of the following is the correct code for fine needle aspiration of the breast without imaging?
A. 19030
B. 10021
C. 19100
D. 19000
7. A physician performs an operative procedure that has a 90-day surgical package. On day 40, the same
physician performs an unrelated procedure on the same patient. What modifier would you attach to the
CPT code when reporting the second procedure?
A. -79
B. -58
C. -24
D. -25
8. Please select the correct code for full-thickness graft, free, to the axillae, including direct closure of
donor site, 12 sq. cm.
A. 15200
B. 15240
C. 15340
D. 15260
9. Select the correct code for removal of 37 skin tags by electrosurgical destruction.
A. 11201 x 4 units
B. 11200 x 4 units
C. 11200, 11201 x 3 Units
D. 11200
10. Select the correct code(s) for destruction of seven actinic keratoses.
A. 17004
B. 17000 x 7 units
C. 17000, 17003x6
D. 17000, 17003 x 7 units
11. _______ is the application of pulling force to hold a bone in correct alignment.
A. Traction
B. Splint
C. Aspiration
D. Casting
12. Mr. Foster has been diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis in the joints of his fingers. The physician
performs an interphalangeal joint replacement of the index finger with prosthetic implant. Please select the
appropriate CPT code for this scenario.
A. 36535
B. 26535
C. 26536
D. 26535, 26536
13. Which term describes a reduction of a bone?
A. Stabilization
B. Rotation
C. Traction
D. Manipulation
14. Which of the following statements is true of surgical and fracture repair codes in the Musculoskeletal
A. They don't include casts, splints, or strapping, therefore allowing the physician to charge separately for these services.
B. They include the application and removal of all casts, splints, and strapping.
C. They include the application and removal applied by an urgent care/emergency room physician when the urgent
care/emergency room physician is not providing the fracture care.
D. They include the application and removal of the initial casts, splints, or strapping applied by the treating physician.
15. Which of the following is the correct code for an excision of the left great toenail and matrix, complete
for permanent removal?
A. 11720-TA
B. 11730-TA
C. 11750-TA
D. 11740-TA
16. To properly code lesion excision, you must know the behavior and the narrowest margin about the
lesion, in addition to what other information about the lesion?
A. Status, site, and number
B. Status and diameter
C. Site, number, and diameter
D. Site and number
17. A _______ arthroscopy is always included in a surgical arthroscopy.
A. biopsy
B. removal
C. diagnostic
D. debridement
18. Arthrodesis codes 22585, 22614, and 22632 are add-on procedure codes and should not be used with
which CPT modifier?
A. 51
B. 50
C. 59
D. 25
19. The removal of a lesion by a transverse incision that didn't require sutured closure is reported using
codes from which subsection?
A. Biopsy
B. Removal of Skin Tags
C. Paring or Cutting
D. Shaving of Epidermal or Dermal Lesions
20. Electrical or ultrasound stimulation is used to
A. promote healing.
B. reduce joint swelling.
C. reduce joint pain.
D. remove dead tissue.
21. Which of the following is the correct code for repairing the following lacerations: 4.2 simple repair of
the trunk, 1.3 simple repair of the arm, and 2.8 intermediate repair of the scalp?
A. 12034
B. 12032, 12002-51
C. 12032, 12001-51, 12002-51
D. 12004
22. Which of the following is the correct code for dermabrasion of the segmental face?
A. 15782
B. 15780
C. 15781
D. 15783
23. Which of the following would not be reported separately, in addition to the excision code?
A. Intermediate closure
B. Simple closure
C. Layered closure
D. Complex closure
24. The acronym ORIF stands for
A. open reduction with imaging fluoroscopy.
B. open release with internal fixation.
C. open reduction of internal fracture.
D. open reduction with internal fixation.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Angela--Mod replied 1 year ago.

Hello, I'm a moderator for this topic. I've been working hard to find a professional to assist you right away, but sometimes finding the right professional can take a little longer than expected.

I wonder whether you're ok with continuing to wait for an answer. Please let me know and I will assist further. Thank you!




Expert:  ehabtutor replied 1 year ago.
Hi again,

Thanks for asking me.

Now you only posted 24 questions.

Can you post the rest as well.

ehab tutor
Customer: replied 1 year ago.

Thank you ehab tutor,

Here is the remaining questions:


Which treatment of a fracture requires the fracture to be exposed to view or opened at a remote site for

nailing across the fracture?










What is the margin of an excision?


The exact edge of the part of the lesion visible on the skin


The widest diameter of the lesion


The exact measurement of the lesion in square centimeters


The extra tissue removed from around the lesion


Wound exploration codes have which of the following services bundled into the codes?


Exploration, including enlargement; repair; necessary grafting


Exploration, including enlargement; removal of foreign body(ies); repair


Exploration, including enlargement; debridement; removal of foreign body(ies); minor vessel ligation; repair


Exploration and repair only


Which of the following would be the correct way of coding three biopsies of the skin performed at the

same visit?


11100 x 2 and 11101 x 1


11100, 11101 x 2


11100 x 3


There isn't enough information to code.


The application of a cranial halo is a form of


insertional device.


implantation fixation.


internal fixation.


external fixation.


Ms. Smith has been complaining of pain in her knee for several months. The orthopedist suspected a

torn medical and lateral meniscus and ordered a diagnostic arthroscopy. During the diagnostic arthroscopy

it was found that the patient had a torn medial and lateral meniscus. The physician repaired both during the

same operative session through the arthroscope. Please select the correct code.




29871, 29882, 29883






Using the "Rule of Nines," one adult leg is what percentage of the human body?









End of exam


What is the difference between the code for a soft tissue abscess in the Musculoskeletal System

subsection and the codes for abscess in the Integumentary System subsection?


The code in the Integumentary System subsection may include the bone.


The code in the Musculoskeletal System subsection doesn't require debridement of the abscess.


The code in the Musculoskeletal System subsection is associated with deep tissue, possibly bone.


The code in the Musculoskeletal System subsection is used only when the abscess is in the bone.


_______ is the attachment of a spinal fixation device at each end of the area being repaired and at least

one other attachment in the area being repaired.


Segmental instrumentation




External fixation


Nonsegmental instrumentation


Wound closure requiring the use of adhesive strips as the sole repair material should be coded with

which of the following?


An E/M code






Repair code


When there is more than one repair type how is the first procedure listed?


The secondary procedure is listed first.


Order of procedure doesn't matter.


The most complex type is first listed.


Modifier 51 is used on the most complex procedure.

Expert:  ehabtutor replied 1 year ago.
ok got them.

I will do them all and send them back to you

ehab tutor
Expert:  ehabtutor replied 1 year ago.

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ehabtutor, MBA
Category: Homework
Satisfied Customers: 1327
Experience: Software Engineer,business minor,Attending my MBA,Software company owner with 5+ y exp in management
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Expert:  ehabtutor replied 1 year ago.
Where you able to download the file?

Regards, XXXXX
Customer: replied 1 year ago.

Yes...thank you very much. I am in need of your services again. I am creating now.

Expert:  ehabtutor replied 1 year ago.

I got the new question.

I will start working on it today.

ehab tutor

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