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Healthcare to US Citizens Many organizations, departments,

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Healthcare to US Citizens

Many organizations, departments, and individuals provide healthcare to the US citizens. The complex nature of the US healthcare delivery system has driven much legislation for change over many years. Using the South University Online Library or the Internet, research about the healthcare organizations and their delivery of healthcare services in order to fully understand the magnitude of the US healthcare delivery system. Based on your readings and research, answer the following:

What are the main objectives of a healthcare delivery system?
Name some of the basic functional components of the US healthcare delivery system. What role does each play in the delivery of healthcare?
Who are the major players in the US health services system? What are the positive and negative effects of the often conflicting self-interests of these players?
Why is it that despite public and private health insurance programs, some US citizens are without any coverage?
What are the main roles of the government in the US health services system?
Why is it important for healthcare managers and policymakers to understand the intricacies of the healthcare delivery system?

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Due date is today, I have another 5 hours to turn it in

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not long at all. the questions just need to be answered

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Main objectives

The main objective of the healthcare system is to provide primary care for acute illness as well as provide preventive services and medicines to provide better outcomes thereby increasing lifespans.


Basic Components

Basic components include doctors, nurses, clinics, outpatient providers, hospitals, insurance providers and the US government in the form of Medicare and Medicaid. Nurses and doctors both work to provide care directly for patients. The clinics are designed to support standard office visits and basic outpatient care while hospitals provide inpatient services and some outpatient services as well. Insurance companies provide the primary form of payment for healthcare services along with the US government in terms of Medicaid for disabled and Medicare for elderly.


Players and Positive and Negative Effects

Players include insurance providers, the US government and all stakeholders in the overall health system including patients and doctors. The positive effect is that technology has provided continually better outcomes and clinics and hospitals continue to innovate in order to garner the increased revenue from more advanced services. Due to the need to contain cost innovation provides for doing more with less and reducing hospital stays. Negative effects are the fact that not everyone is covered and different levels of insurance are available and may not cover all services.


Why people without?

Reasons for people being without insurance could include the inability to pay for coverage on their own or the fact that they don’t choose to pay for such coverage. There are in fact only a minority of people that are not covered by private or public plans.


US Government Role

To provide care for the disabled, children, those who can’t afford insurance and the elderly.


Importance of understanding intricacies

US Healthcare system is highly complex involving related entities that are not under the same umbrella. In addition, medical coverage and facilities are highly regulated requiring careful adherence to regulations on all fronts.


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