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Steve Herrod
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Write a cumulative 10- to 12-page paper incorporating your

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Write a cumulative 10- to 12-page paper incorporating your prior work. Solve the design problems of your Virtual Organization. Illustrate all network design using Microsoft® Visio® or Toolwire®.

Address the following in your paper:

· Include a final network design.

· Include a timeline for the project.

· Explain the design approach and rationale.

· Analyze the detailed design.

· Prove that the design meets the data rate requirements.

· Analyze the existing security situation in the organization.

· Identify the predominant electronic and physical threats to communications networks.

· Explain the importance of explicit enterprise security policies and procedures.

· Describe potential threat detection and protection techniques.

· Explain the importance of explicit enterprise security policies and procedures.

· Describe how firewalls mitigate some network attack scenarios.

· Describe common security concerns inherent to wired, wireless, and mobile networking.

· Design a security hardware and software environment that will protect the organization.

Steve Herrod : Hi, I'll be happy to help, can you please confirm the organization details that this assignment is for and also when it is required by?
Steve Herrod : Cheers
Steve Herrod : Steve
Customer: Hi thanks for the help. I already have the paper written regarding Patton Fuller Hospital excluding what is required for this week, which is the bullet items listed in the question. We have to convert the network to a WAN and install VOIP in the hospital design and the configuration will need to allow 15 radiologist two way high speed at least 20 MBPS communication to and from their homes. Also include the speed links to the doctors home. Patton Fuller entire environment hosting Macintosh computers. Patton Fuller is a dummy hospital not real. Please read my paper to get an understanding of Patton Fullers current network. My paper talks about their network only. I need to incorporate my suggestions and that is where the bullet items talk about in my question that I asked. The paper is due Monday.
Customer: Also how can I upload my paper?
Steve Herrod : if you [email protected] with the paper
Steve Herrod : and mark it for my attention, including a link to this thread
Steve Herrod : I'll be able to get it
Steve Herrod : I should be able to do that by tomorrow for you
Customer: Okay thanks!
Steve Herrod :

no problem

Customer: I just sent you the link and the paper
Steve Herrod :

thanks - it goes to a shared mailbox so I should get it shortly

Customer: Okay
Steve Herrod : I've received it now so will work on it for tomorrow
Steve Herrod :

Here's an overview of the network with details about the various threats, firewalls and security policies etc

Steve Herrod :


Steve Herrod :


Customer: Thank you so much everything looks good!
Steve Herrod :

no problem

Steve Herrod :

you're welcome

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

How can I help?



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