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Can you help? Brain Functions Graphic Organizer

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Can you help?

Brain Functions Graphic Organizer

Children and adults alike enjoy understanding their understanding. In other words, we must know why we say WHAT we say. For instance, did you know that amygdala is Greek for “almond?” And thalamus is Greek for “chamber?”

Therefore, developing your own etymological index will help immensely in your understanding of the encephalon’s anatomy and physiology. In the Required Studies Section be sure to read:
Neuroroot Website
All Children Can Learn Power Point
The Brain Labeled and Physiology HTML

For this assignment, you will complete a graphic organizer as you explore the anatomy of the brain. The organizer helps you better understand these structures. You must identify, explain and define the following structures, particularly as they are involved in learning (definitions can be found in the glossary of your textbook):
Prefrontal Cortex (or Frontal Lobe)
Temporal Lobe
Occipital Lobe
Parietal Lobe
Limbic Lobe
Corpus Callosum
Medulla Oblongata
Glial Cells


Use the graphic organizer template in the Required Studies Section to complete this assignment. Select Save rather than Open to save it to your computer.
Here is the link:
I'll be happy to help. When is this one needed?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
By Friday?
I'll try for Friday. You have given me quite a list.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Get it to me when you can. You are awesome!!!!!!:)
Will do
I have a question about this organizer. It only has etymology and function. The instructions say

You must identify, explain and define the following structures

I am only doing the etymology and function ... what do you think about the work "explain" ? Where would it go?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I am not for sure.

I'll leave it out then. I think that describing is the same as explaining.


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