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Kathy, Teacher
Category: Homework
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Experience:  Elementary teacher for 16 years Bilingual Spanish English and with a Psychology Masters
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PART 1: Answer both of the following questions in one or two

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PART 1: Answer both of the following questions in one or two paragraphs, totaling between 20 to 30 senteces. 1.Outline freud’s structual model of the psyche. What are its three main parts? How are they related? Roughly, how mucho our psyche is unconscious? In the contex of your discussion, explain the meaning of sublimation. 2.Discuss the different kinds of parenting styles. Provide examples Outline the typical effects of parenting styles on childeren. Finally, what role does temerament play in assessing the relative merits of parenting styles? PART 2: In two to five sentences 1.In, brief what is the primary thesis of the james-lange theory of emotion? 2.What kind of drug is Rohypnol, and why is call the Date rape drug? 3.What is the opposite of a background stressor? 4.In case of (____________), perhaps due to a severe psychological trauma, a person’s memories are repressed, even to the extent that the person may not remember his or her name. A.Dissociative fugue B.Associative fugue C.Dissociative amnesia D.Dissociative identity disorder 5.Istrinsic and extrinsic forms of motivation are both consider in the (__________) perspective on motivation. A.Hierarchical B.Drive-reduction C.Incentive D.Cognitive 6.The so-called foot-in-the-door technique illustrates A.Obedience B.Compliance C.Conformity D.Resistance 7.Also referred to as the “master gland”, the (_______) gland controls the functioning of the overall endocrine system. A.Pituitary B.Thyroid C.Steroid D.hypothalamus

Kathy :

Hi! I am willing to assist. Please let me when do you need this assignment completed so I can have it ready for you on a timely manner. Thanksn


Friday before 2.30


is it ok ?

Kathy :

I will have it ready on a timely manner. Thanks


let me know how I will pay ?

Kathy :

There is not additional action on your until I complete the assignment. After I complete the assignment you will review it and provide me with a positive rating if you are satisfied with my services so I can be compensated for my efforts. Thanks


Friday I mean today 4-12.pls let me know my home work is ready?

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