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1. The optical principle of the magnifying glass can be found

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1. The optical principle of the magnifying glass can be found in all but which type of microscope?
a. polarizing
b. comparison
c. strereoscopic
d.scanning electron
2. All of the following are part of the optical system of a compound microscope except the:
a. polarizer
b. condenser
c. ocular lens
d. illuminator
3. To view a specimen with a compound microscope you should consider which ofthe following before selecting the magnifying power?
a. parfocal
b. field of view
c. numerical aperture
d. plane-polarized light value
4. which of the following decreases as magnifying power increases?
a. real image
b. virtual image
c. depth of focus
d. transmitted illumination
5. Which type of microscope would be the most useful in comparing the striation markings of a test fired bullet with that of one taken from a crime scene?
a. scanning electron
b. comparison
c. compound
d. polaring
6. The stereoscopic microscope is the primary crime lab tool for examining physical evidence for all of the following reasons except its:
a. wide field of view
b. great depth of focus
c. small working didtance
d. right-side-up 3D image
7. In conjunction with the immersion test, which type of microscope would be the best choice for examining birefringent minerals present in soil samples?
a. polarizing
b. comparison
c. stereoscopic
d. scanning electron
8. In dealing with paint, fiber and ink evidence the microspectrophotometer is superior to the comparison microscope because:
a. depth of focus and field view are greater
b. it can do simultaneous side-by-side comparisons
c. high magnification is matched with high resolution
d. visual color can be augmented with an absorption spectrum
9. all of the following accurately describe major advantages of the scanning electron microscope over other optical systems except:
a. detailed absorption spectrum
b. great depth focus
c. high magnification
d. clear resolution
10. Arthur Koehler's microscopic analysis of the ladder used in the Lindberg kidnapping revealed all of the following except a(n):
a. match between marks on the crime scene's ladder and the suspects hand-plane
b. alignment of nail holes in the floor joists in the suspect's attic with those found in a ladder
c. link between the suspect's signature on a purchase order for wood similar to what was used to construct the kidnap ladder
d. accurate trace of the kidnap ladder's wood to a Bronx lumber yard near the crime scene based on defects in the planer blade
11. All of the following characteristics of hair have been used to make forensic comparisons except:
a. color
b. structure
c. morphology
d. chemical properties
12. That part of the hair that increases its forensic value of establishing individual identity by preserving it's structural integrity over time is the
a. cortex
b. cuticle
c. follicle
d. medulla
13. In addition to DNA analysis all of the following are used to try to match crime scene hair with suspect samples except
a. color, lehgth and diameter
b. presence or absence of a cortex
c. distribution, shape, and color intensity of cortex pigment granules
d. morphological abnormalties and the presence of dye and bleaching agents
14. which of the following reflects the best conclusion one can draw from the follow-up of DNA test results of hair samples from the Central Park Jogger Case?
a. microscopic comparisons of hair are unreliable
b. microscopic hair comparisons are equal in weight to fingerprint evidence
c. DNA analysis is supplemental at best with microscopic hair comparisons
d. courts should accept microscopic hair comparisons over DNA evidence
15. The best chance to individualize human hair from a crime scene occurs when
a. mitochondrial DNA is extracted
b. the length of the samples is greater than 2 cm
c. follicular tags are retrieved with nuclear DNA
d. naturally shed hair in the telogen phase is collected
16. The first and most popular step in the examination of standard/reference and crime scene fibers is a
a. test for chemical composition
Hi Stacey,

By when do you need this one? It looks like the last few questions (16-20) are omitted. Could you include those in a reply? Also, do you have the number for this exam (sometimes helps with viewing the study guide).

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Quiz 8 in Criminalistics.


16. The first and most popular step in the examination of standard/reference and crime scene fibers is a a. test for chemical composition b. microscopic comparison for color and diameter c. chromatographic seperation of dye constituents d. microspectrophotometer reading on dye composition 17. in addition to doing morphological and chemical composition tests another method that forensic scientists may use to compare synthetic fibers is to a. run tests that determine the origin of the fibers b. conduct a mitrochondrial DNA profile analysis c. measure the two refractive indices under a polarizing microscope d. reference the FBI's statistical database for the manufacturers of all the same class of fibers including probability formulas 18. The assertion that fiber evidence can be associated with virtually any type of crime leads to all of the following crime scene precautions except a. bagging articles separately to avoid cross contamination of evidence

b. taking adhesive tape lifts the body areas exposed to a wrapped blanket or carpet c. pinpointing crime scene areas or items suspected of containing transferred fiber evidence d. collecting any and all crime scene items that even remotely may have encountered fiber transfer

19. Pyrolysis gas chromatography has proven to be a valuable technique for comparing auto paint formulations for all of the following reasons except a. paint chips as small as 20 micrograms are sufficient for analysis b. it reveals the layer structure of paint in sufficient complexity to allow individualization c. the pyrogram is sufficiently detailed to reflect the chemical makeup of the paint binder d. in conjunction with color and layer comparisons the evidence forges a strong link between the suspect's car and crime scene 20. when investigating a break in, the scene investigator who is collecting evidence should follow all the following procedures except a. collecting paint from the impressions left by tools used to gain entry b. carefully wiping the scraping tool before using it to collect each paint sample c. packaging the break in tools without attempting to remove any paint from them d. obtaining all layers of paint from surfaces suspected of being in contact with the break in tool

m number 8. the rest of the questions:


It cut me off so I tried to edit but it was to late. A week is fine. Thank you soooooo much I appreciate your awesome answers. Have a blessed weekend!

Thanks for your reply. I should have time to answer these this weekend.

-Chris M.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you you are the best!!


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