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Church historian Matthew Spinka writes in John Hus at the Council

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Church historian Matthew Spinka writes in John Hus at the Council of Constance (New York, 1965), “The conciliar period is one of the most significant eras in the history of Christianity. Had its principles prevailed, the Roman Church would have become a constitutional, instead of an absolute, monarchy.”

Based on readings from John of Paris through Pierre d’Ailly, write a brief statement of the principles behind a “constitutional” Church and a brief description of its appropriate administrative organization and practices.

LoriHR :

Hi, Betsy--I am actually not familiar with these readings. I will do some research to make sure I can provide a qualified response for you. When did you need this?

LoriHR :

Hello again--I believe I have found a few things that will work. I did want to check with you, though--I was looking back and noticed that you had not yet rated the Zwingli answer. Was this acceptable or did you need further work on it? I'm happy to complete that for you before beginning this one. Thanks! :)


yes thought i rated it. you have been very helpful. I need this whenever you able to finish.

LoriHR :

That's okay--just checking! Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX this completed soon for you.

LoriHR :

Here you are, Betsy. The prompt for this said a "brief" statement, and thus this is a bit over 200 words. Please let me know if you need more. Research on this topic is a bit on the slim side, but I will certainly do what I can for you.

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