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Critical Thinking Sometimes definitions function as arguments.

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Critical Thinking
Sometimes definitions function as arguments. How might defining a term in a specific way might affect the conclusion or outcome of an argument? Provide an example of an argument from definition that you have seen or construct your own argument from definition.

Mijcar : Thanks for the chance to help you. When do you need an answer to this question? And are there are requirements about number of words?

I will need it in two hours. It would be one or two paragraphs. It is just a discussion

Mijcar : <span class="JA_chatMessage"Customer I am writing on my phone. I don't feel comfortable a out my ability to do a good job from here. I will opt out so a other expert can help you quickly.
Mijcar : If you want I can give it try.

please, do it


Mijcar : I will leave the chat for awhile and answer this on my note pad then paste it here in an hour or less.

ok, perfect. I will wait for you


Mijcar : Dont worry if you don't see me for a bit. :-)


Mijcar : Okay. This should be two paragraphs but I can't seem to copy paragraph breaks.
Mijcar : A friend of mine used to argue with her boyfriend about whether or not he really loved her.  She said that if you really loved her he would not forget her birthday.  He said that he did love her, that he took her to concerts and out to eat, that he spent all his money on her.  She said all that wasn't important, that personal things like birthdays mattered more.  Eventually they broke up. To me it seemed clear that they couldn't agree on the definition of love. Perhaps if they actually just discussed what love meant to them they might not have had as many fights.  It seems to me that people argue a lot about basic words like love and good and right. People appear to believe that other people know exactly what they mean when really the other people don't. 
Mijcar : Is this what you are looking for? I can modify it if you feel necessary.
Mijcar : I apologize for all those strange characters that got inserted from the cut and pasting.

give me one second I am analizing it



it is ok, I will add somethings. Thank you very much

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