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Why do you think that Americans are more litigious today than

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Why do you think that Americans are more litigious today than 30-40 years ago? Is there that many more crimes/torts being committed today compared to 1970? Or, are people looking to get rich quick? Please support your answers with statistics if possible.

Ray Atkinson :

When is this due, and is there a length requirement?


today and there lenth requirement should be about 150-200 words

Ray Atkinson :

I think that is short enough for me to answer. Any longer than that belongs in the writing category. I'll get on it.


Ok thanks

Ray Atkinson :

The question is asked in an unreasonable way. Americans are not indeed more litigious today than they were in ages past. According to The American Association for Justice, the number of tort trials in US District Courts dropped from 3600 in 1985 to under 800 in 2003. The impression that we are more "sue happy" comes from the huge settlements that still happen. This is not to say that there are not frivolous lawsuits, but they are not as plentiful as the media would lead us to believe.

Everyone is familiar with Stella Liebeck who sued McDonald's when she spilled her coffee on herself, but few know of the XXXXX XXXXX case. He was at home daycare in Roanoke, Va. He got out of the gate of the daycare and followed the husband who was mowing the lawn. The husband did not see the child, and when the mower stalled, it rolled backwards over Josh. The husband restarted the mower, killing Josh. No one would argue against a case of negligence against the daycare, but the family received a jury award of $2 million from the lawnmower manufacturer for not (ahead of time) inventing a system to stop a spinning blade if the mower moves backwards.

These are the kinds of lawsuits that get headlines. These are the ones that make people think that we don't need lotteries because we have lawsuits. It is all about impressions. People make news about the big jury awards, and that sticks in people's minds.

Ray Atkinson :

Put this in near the end of the first paragraph.

"It is true that some people are looking to get rich quick, like Christopher Roller, the man who sued illusionists David Blaine and David Copperfield for stealing his powers"

Ray Atkinson :

Please remember to rate my answer. I do not get credit until you do.

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