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akch2002, Engineer
Category: Homework
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1.Calculate the minimum value of inductance required to maintain

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1.Calculate the minimum value of inductance required to maintain inductor current in an inductive input filter if the maximum value of the load resistor is 15,000 ohms.

2.Calculate the DC base current (IB) of a transistor circuit if the DC collector current (IC) is 4.9mA and the DC emitter current (IE) is 5mA.

3.From the above transistor circuit,calculate the DC values of alpha and beta

4. A FET circuit consists of depletion MOSFET and two resistors R1 and R2. The valueof R1,the source resistor, is 55 ohms.The sourceto drain current is 150mA. Calculate the voltage drop across the source resistor.

5.Calculate the intrinsic standoff ratio, eta (H) of a UJT circuit where (RB1) is 1500 ohms and RB2 is 265 ohms.

6.What is the peak inverse voltage (PIV) across the diode during the negative half-cycle of AC input voltage of 240VRMS in a half-wave rectifier circuit?

7.Calculate the resistance,R,of a spool of wire consisting of 500 ft.of 20 gauge copper wire. The cross sectional area of the wire is 1,022.0 circular mils and the resistivity (p) of 10.4 ohm-mil2/1000 ft. at 20degrees celcius.

8.In an amplifier circuit,the input power is 500 milliwats and the output power is 3 watts. What would be the dB gain of the amplifier circuit?


10.Determine the resonant frequency of a series tuned LC circuit that contains a 1.5mH inductor and a 25 microfarad capacitor
Kindly upload the figure as mentioned in the question. Also inform dead line for replying these questions.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I needed ASAP. and what kind a information you need.

I will be replying these questions shortly.
I could solve all the problems except 1. If you wish, I will upload the answers. Kindly inform.

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