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Pablo Picasso once wrote “painting is not done to decorate

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Pablo Picasso once wrote “painting is not done to decorate apartments; it is an instrument of war.” Regardless of whether a war scene is the subject of the painting, explain whether you believe that art has the power to influence thought and action – what people think and what people do.

Explain whether you think Pop art is an artistic critique of the culture of consumerism – or just a perpetuation of an obsession with material things, especially trendy brands and labels.

Rosenquist’s painting was created during the Vietnam War era and eventually became associated with the anti-war movement. Explain whether you think the message of the painting F-111 is pro-war, anti-war, or neither. Describe at least two elements in the painting which are uniquely American.

Compare and contrast Romare Bearden’s collage with the art of Jean-Michel Basquiat; identify and describe specific elements of these artworks that you think represent the multiplicity of the African-American experience.

(you have answer all my questions hopefully you will be able to answer this one ) Identify three things you learned in this course that surprised or intrigued you, and explain why.

Kathy :

I can have this ready for you by tomorrow afternoon I hope this works for you. Please do not forget to rate my answers so I can be compensated for my services. Thanks

Customer :

yes, I will, You have been great for me, I just got move to one place to another and today finally I have internet. Thanks for all your help

Customer :

Where Can I rate you for your last work, before this one??? because you deserve an excellence across the board.

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Thanks for your rating and bonus. To rate prior questions a customer can access the posting and provide the rating. I will post your answers by tomorrow afternoon as agreed. Thanks again.

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