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10. Deion Sanders is a two-sport athlete who plays both pro

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10. Deion Sanders is a two-sport athlete who plays both pro football and baseball. He could earn $1,000,000 playing either. Troy Aikman is also a two-sport athlete who plays both football and auto racing. He could earn $1,000,000 playing football or $200,000 racing cars. Garo Yepremian can play both football and soccer. He could earn $1,000,000 playing football or $50,000 playing soccer. Assuming that all three men have only two options for work, and can only pursue one sport full-time, who has the highest opportunity cost of playing football? (Points : 5)
Deion Sanders
Troy Aikman
Garo Yepremian
their opportunity costs are the same

12. Trade based on comparative advantage benefits: (Points : 5)
neither producers nor consumers.
consumers in all countries.
consumers in some countries but hurts consumers in other countries.
producers in all countries but not consumers.

13. To graphically demonstrate the principle of increasing marginal opportunity cost the production possibility curve must be: (Points : 5)
bowed out.
bowed in.

14. Which of the following is not one of the three central coordination problems of the economy given in the book? (Points : 5)
What to produce.
Whether to produce.
For whom to produce.
How to produce.

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