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What three elements distinguish interpersonal communication from other

Resolved Question:

Question 1 of 34
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What three elements distinguish interpersonal communication from other forms of human communication?
A. It is a distinctive, transactional form of human communication involving mutual influence, for the purpose of managing relationships.
B. It involves treating people as objects, responding to roles rather than the person, and distinctive conversations.
C. It is a mechanical, transactional form of human communication, where each person has a role to perform.
D. It involves communicating with someone you care about, communicating in an I-It relationship, and treating people as individuals. Reset Selection
Question 2 of 34
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When you drive through a fast-food restaurant, place your order, pay, and are thanked with“Have a nice day” by the clerk, you are engaging in __________ communication.
A. interpersonal
B. intrapersonal
C. impersonal
D. internal Reset Selection
Question 3 of 34
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When the judge directed the jury to “disregard that last statement made by the witness,” she ignored the fact that interpersonal communication
A. is irreversible.
B. is complicated.
C. is governed by rules.
D. involves both content and relationship dimensions. Reset Selection
Question 4 of 34
2.0 Points
Beth sends Julian an e-mail asking him to meet her at the bank at 2:30pm. When she gets to the bank, Julian doesn’t arrive until 3:15. When she asks him why he is late, he replies, “I came as soon as I got your message.” The problem they are encountering may stem from the fact that a message sent by e-mail can be
A. synchronous.
B. instantaneous.
C. asynchronous.
D. unreliable. Reset Selection
Question 5 of 34
2.0 Points
Sammy and Jo are considering moving in together. Sammy is unsure, so she sits down to make a list of the pros and cons of cohabitating with Jo. This is an example of which form of communication?
A. interpersonal communication
B. impersonal communication
C. intrapersonal communication
D. intermediate communication Reset Selection
Question 6 of 34
2.0 Points
Based upon the criteria for determining the “richness” of communication channels, which of the following would be the richest channel of communication?
A. a live video conference
B. an exchange of e-mail
C. voice mail
D. a memo sent by your boss Reset Selection
Question 7 of 34
2.0 Points
Gary has decided to break up with Hortensia and has decided to break the news at an expensive restaurant in hopes of avoiding an unpleasant scene. Even though this might not work,Gary's decision reflects his understanding of the importance of which component of communication?
A. noise
B. feedback
C. context
D. episodes Reset Selection
Question 8 of 34
2.0 Points
Monica is being punished by her teacher because the teacher didn't care for the way Monica said, “Yes Ma'am.” Her nasal rendition of “yes” and the long drawn out “Ma'am” suggested a lack of respect that the teacher considered unacceptable. The teacher's dissatisfaction with Monica's statement demonstrates which characteristic of interpersonal relationships?
A. Interpersonal relationships are both systems and processes.
B. Interpersonal relationships have both content and relationship dimensions.
C. Interpersonal relationships are defined by the roles we assume.
D. Interpersonal relationships are governed by social rules. Reset Selection
Question 9 of 34
2.0 Points
The statement, “the world is round,” reflects a(n)
A. attitude
B. belief
C. value
D. motive Reset Selection
Question 10 of 34
2.0 Points
The phrase, “We are not only our brother’s keeper, we are our brother’s maker,” reflects which of the following concepts?
A. spiritual self
B. looking-glass self
C. reflective self
D. associational self Reset Selection
Question 11 of 34
2.0 Points
Jason has a very strong desire for intimacy, warmth, and support in his relationships with others. According to Will Schutz, Jason most likely has a very strong need for
A. inclusion.
B. control.
C. affection.
D. safety. Reset Selection
Question 12 of 34
2.0 Points
Tom isn't having much success in meeting women. He asks his friend, Tanya, to help identify what he is doing that might be turning off the women he meets. Since Tanya has known him since they were in kindergarten, she tactfully but honestly tells him what she thinks. Tom's reliance on his relationship with Tanya reflects which strategy for improving one's self esteem?
A. developing honest relationships
B. letting go of the past
C. visualization
D. avoiding comparisons Reset Selection
Question 13 of 34
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Chris M. replied 4 years ago.

Hello, and thanks for the question.

Your post got cut short at #13. Please repost the rest of the questions along with your deadline for submission.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Question 13 of 34 2.0 Points
Cary supervises three people at work. He likes to think of himself as a relaxed and accessible boss, but his staff perceive him to be demanding and distant. Which of the quadrants in the Johari Window is illustrated by this example?
B. unknown
A. blind
C. hidden
D. open
Reset Selection
Expert:  Chris M. replied 4 years ago.

Hello again,

Do you only need the first 13 questions answered for this post?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Expert:  Chris M. replied 4 years ago.
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