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Kathy, Teacher
Category: Homework
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Experience:  Elementary teacher for 16 years Bilingual Spanish English and with a Psychology Masters
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This assignment is designed to help you master the careful

Resolved Question:

This assignment is designed to help you master the careful reading of sources about art images and to help you apply the basic mechanics of analyzing and interpreting images appropriately. See Mechanics for Writing about Art and Writing a Critique-both in your Lesson 1 section. Remember that we read paintings from the background to the foreground, using the terms background, middle ground, and foreground.
In order to participate fully in this week's forum, you need to do four things:

1. Slow down and really look at the 1 painting you choose from the following 2 after you read in your text about them.

2. Write a letter to a friend who has never seen the paintings and does not have a copy of it before them; and in your letter describe for them in very specific detail what the painting looks like and what it says to you personally.

3. Post your letters to the forum as this week's initial post. Please remember that initial postings are always AT LEAST 250 words.

4. Participate in the developing discussion, responding to your fellow students' observations, using appropriate terminology and drawing on what you're learning from your text to help the discussion grow broader and deeper.

Essentials to Keep in Mind:

Remember to read from the background to the foreground.
Use your "How to write a critique format" that I have provided.
Use the visual elements and principles of design from your current chapters and use the terminology you're learning in your writing as well. You must use italics or underlining for your titles of works of art.

Choose 1 painting to write about:

1.) Examine and discuss Joseph Mallord XXXXX XXXXX's painting, The Burning of the Houses of Parliament created in 1835. Also see the attached link.

An image of the painting is in your book, p. 122. The original painting, which currently hangs in the Philadelphia Museum of Art, is approximately 36" H X 48" W, and it was painted in 1835. It represents a historical event. Examine your book and websites in order to understand this work better. Imagine you are looking at this painting while visiting the museum. Mention what the painting is about, and how the artist has chosen to represent the event, as well as describing it in detail to your friend.

Go to the required websites that are linked below.


2.) Edouard Manet, A Bar at the Folies-Bergere, 1881-82. It is 37 1/4" X 51 1/4" and is considered his last masterpiece, p. 123. Manet was the first true modern artist, painting scenes from contemporary life, not history, Biblical or mythological scenes. This is a painting that represents modern nightlife in Paris. Examine this painting and discuss the unusual components of the work. You may want understand what the Folies-Bergere was before you start. You should find other images by Manet in order to understand him better, both in your book and at the linked websites.

When you write your letter to your friend about both of these paintings, BE CERTAIN TO INCLUDE A STATEMENT OF WHAT THE SIZE OF THE PAINTING DOES FOR/TO THE VIEWER. What might it imply?

Note: Remember that you must complete ONE of topics written as a letter with a total of at least 250 words. MINIMUM WORDS ALLOWS FOR A MINIMUM PASSING GRADE.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Kathy replied 5 years ago.

Kathy :

The letter is to be written about one of the paintings correct? Also, please provide the due date for your assignment so I can complete it on a timely manner. Thanks


Yes it is. Also it is due by Thursday thanks

Kathy :

I will post your answer on a timely manner. Thanks


Ok thank you

Kathy :

I will complete your request before the due date for your assignment.


Ok any luck yet?

Kathy :

I will have it ready by this evening, I thought this was due on Thursday.

Expert:  Kathy replied 5 years ago.

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