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3. What is criminal liability? How does criminal liability impact the criminal justice system? Why does criminal liability work/not work? Explain.

Criminal liability can be defined as the accountability a person has once they break a law or commit a crime (WebFinance, 2012). Criminal liability impacts the criminal justice system in many ways. For example, a prosecutor’s role in the criminal justice system is to prove the accused committed a crime without a shadow of reasonable doubt (Principles of criminal liability, 2003). Criminal liability comes into play in this role. The prosecutor must prove to the court that the accused is criminally liable for the crime they allegedly committed. Criminal liability has its pros and cons. The pros are easy to see. Criminals are liable for the actions they made; however, there are many pleas that can void the criminal liability. One of the most recognizable is the insanity defense. This defense is used when the accused may not have been in the right sane capacity during the crime in question (Principles of criminal liability, 2003). All in all, criminal liability has an important role in the criminal justice system.

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