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Ray Atkinson
Ray Atkinson, Graduate Student
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Do you believe that the press has a right to be present during

Resolved Question:

Do you believe that the press has a right to be present during trials? Why or why not? Explain your position.

•What problems do you foresee, if any, with allowing television cameras inside the courtroom?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Ray Atkinson replied 4 years ago.

Ray Atkinson :

I do not think that television cameras have any place in a courtroom. They would inhibit some who might be afraid of a secret becoming public, and would encourage others to embelish their testimony for the "watching public," both of which would lead to an increase in mistrials form spoiled witnesses. A courtroom is a place of solemnity and justice, not a media circus. Allowing television at the very least would be a distraction, and at the worst would encourage showboating tactics by lawyers and participants alike, completely destroying the point of being there - to get at the truth of the case


Thank You.. What do you think about the press I am at a toss up with this.


Ray Atkinson :

I think the press is no different than the television cameras. I clearly recall the grandstanding Johnny Shapiro did for the press releases in the OJ Simpson trial.

Ray Atkinson :

I think that the news of a trial after the verdict is given is more than enough. Even that upsets the process when it comes to appeals.

Ray Atkinson :

Some people cannot even get an appeal without a change of venue due to the publicity of the trials.


Yes I remember that. Thank you very much for your input. Very helpfu.

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