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Question 22 Marks: 1.00 Three of the eight major biome types

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Question 22
Marks: 1.00 Three of the eight major biome types are: Choose one answer.
a. tropical grassland, boreal forest, shrublands
b. rainforest, tundra, ticondaroga
c. terrestrial, aquatic and adiabatic
d. tundra, desert and temperate mountain
Question 23
Marks: 1.00 Permafrost in boreal forests and tundra is responsible for extensive wetlands in these biomes, despite the fact that_______________. Choose one answer.
a. they have no shallow groundwater aquifers
b. they receive very low amounts of precipitation
c. they are frozen for much of the year
d. their climates are too cold for wetlands
Question 24
Marks: 1.00 Global patterns of net primary productivity reflect the environmental requirements of ______, ______ and nutrient availability. Choose one answer.
a. light, herbivor
b. temperature, light
c. water, light
d. temperature, water
Question 25
Marks: 1.00 In biomes, plant life form and leaf type are distributed relative to changing _______. Choose one answer.
a. climate
b. corilois forces
c. greenhouse gases
d. species richness
Question 26
Marks: 1.00 Primary production uses which metabolic process to begin the flow of energy to ecosystems? Choose one answer.
a. Catalysis
b. Proton capture
c. Photosynthesis
d. Respiration
Question 27
Marks: 1.00 The trophic efficiency for most bioimass pyramids is _____. Choose one answer.
a. 15%
b. 10%
c. 90%
d. 5%
Question 28
Marks: 1.00 Climatologically, the world;s largest deserts are located based on the _______ and its dry, descending airmasses. Choose one answer.
a. trade wind zone
b. low pressure zone
c. intertropical convergence zone
d. warm air zone
Question 29
Marks: 1.00 A type III response to predation results in a(n) ________ prey response curve. Choose one answer.
a. oscillating
b. exponential
c. logrythmic
d. sigmoidal
Question 30
Marks: 1.00 Chemical reactions that result in loss of energy as heat from a system are termed ______. Chemical reactions that must absorb energy to proceed are termed _______. Choose one answer.
a. endothermic, exothermic
b. exothermic, endothermic
c. ectothermic, endothermic
d. exothermic, homothermic

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