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Do you believe that healthcare is a right or a privilege? Discuss

Resolved Question:

Do you believe that healthcare is a right or a privilege? Discuss the ethical considerations for your position.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Joanne replied 4 years ago.

Joanne :


Joanne :

In my opinion, health care should be a right and not a privilege. This is because nothing is more sacred than one's life and access to health care has a direct impact on the life and life of an individual. Furthermore, health care should be considered a human right for everyone should have the right to seek means to protect one's life. As such, health care should not simply be a privilege but should be a right which extends to the less advantaged in society. Moreover, by ensuring that health care is a right, it can help to lower health care costs for society for access to preventive medical care can help reduce the rates of severe diseases which are expensive to treat.

Joanne :

Such a point of view can be supported by the utilitarian perspective whereby ensuring that health care is a right will help to bring benefits to the majority of society. In addition, this is also supported by the principle of beneficence where it is only moral for one to do good. In this case, doing good will be providing access to health care for all who needs it.

Joanne :

However, there are also ethical arguments that can be made against such a decision. For example, some may feel that should health care be considered a right, it would be unfair to those who contribute more towards government taxes because they would be paying for the use of others.

Joanne :

Despite such counterarguments, I do stand by my point of view that health care should a right and not a privilege for as John Rawls argues, a fair and just society is one where the greatest benefit of the least advantaged are ensured and this should there include the right to health care.

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