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Chris M.
Chris M., M.S.W. Social Work
Category: Homework
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I would like some more assistance from you please Chris M. 1.

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I would like some more assistance from you please Chris M.

1. In the delivery of a speech, transitions: (Points : 4)
help the audience move from one point to the next
should be as brief as possible
state the goal of the speech
should be the main points of the speech

2. When you practice your speech (Points : 4)
You should concentrate on your appearance
You should read from your outline
You should mull over ideas in your head
You should rehearse out loud

3. Personal experiences, examples, illustrations and quotations are examples of _____ (Points : 4)
main points
supporting materials
material only for introduction
specific goals

4. Which of the following will negatively affect the speaker's credibility with the audience? (Points : 4)
Good eye contact with the audience.
A speaker's experiences.
A citation used in support materials.
Using Wikipedia as a source

5. According to your textbook, how well a speech is organized likely will influence (Points : 4)
how clearly the audience understands the speech.
how the audience views the competence of the speaker.
how confident the speaker feels about his or her delivery.
all of the above.

6. Problem-solution order is most appropriate for organizing________ speeches. (Points : 4)

7. Which organizational method is used in a speech with the following main points?

I. Many citizens are victimized every year by incompetent lawyers.
II. A bill requiring lawyers to stand for recertification every 10 years will do much to help solve
the problem. (Points : 4)

8. Which of the following does your textbook recommend for preparing main points? (Points : 4)
Balance the amount of time given to each main point.
Try to use the same pattern of wording for each main point.
Keep main points clearly separate from one another.
all of the above

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